Monday, July 20, 2009

Drew is a Keeper


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  1. If Drew ended every one of his Facebook comments with that sentence I would have total respect for him.

  2. I’m sorry but trying to sound like a gangsta after taking a harry potter test… not so much of the playa

  3. Laughing Hysterically

    Drew = epic fail

  4. first i just kept looking at the graph and could not understand the fuss, THEN I SCROLLED DOWN! great stuff drew.

  5. “tacoooooos”


  6. This is the best thing ever.

  7. This site is retarded. You are all retarded.

  8. This site is retarded. You are all retarded..

  9. This site is retarded. You are all retarded…

  10. This site is retarded. You are all retarded….

  11. This site is retarded. You are all retarded…..

  12. I didn’t understand what you meant the first four times, but on the fifth time I got it.

  13. did adding the extra periods on the end of the previous sentences help?

  14. Why would you subject yourself to the notification onslaught that is commenting on something like this? 4,000-some people already responded to it. He’s gonna get a notification for each additional one.

  15. That’s assuming that people put legitimate email addresses.

  16. Joydivisionthecure


  17. This guy is fucking awesome. Nobody else has the balls to troll for pussy after taking a Harry Potter quiz. Call me, Drew.

  18. what a man.

  19. I got some meat for those tacooos.

    tee hee!!!
    I’ll be quoting that forever.

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