Monday, July 20, 2009

Whole Notha Level

Whole Notha Level

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  1. lmao

  2. She could’ve at least centered it.

  3. hey, gotta love the straightener 😛

  4. Another reason why women should have to pay an internet tax to avoid infecting us with their stupidity.


    I can’t even think of anything funny to say, this is just hilarious.

  6. I seriously lol’d.


  7. I give her creativity points, and originality, seriously how many pictures are there of people holding cameras in their mirror pics?

  8. Anton Compton, I salute you for awesome

  9. Wtf is wrong with you ppl? This isn’t a lame pic – it rocks da llama!

  10. I’m guessing Kelsey is the girl in the picture.

  11. Gotta Go with Anton

    Great Idea. IT would solve most of my problems, like seeing people say things like it rocks da llama. ^

  12. ew, look at her filthy bathroom!

  13. hahahaha

  14. Its actually very clean

  15. She keep her mirror clean though, bruh. LOVE that in a girl. I’d hit it.

  16. women dont know shit about the internet dumb bitches

  17. HAHAHAHAHA! just kidding all of you guys, i actually suck cocks for a living and wish she was my girlfriend LOL!

  18. ROFL! i know Anton, we had these morons fulled, i love to suck baby cocks actually! LOL

  19. *facepalm* That’s awful. As if the mirror-camera pictures weren’t bad enough…

  20. This why 16 year olds should not be on facebook.

    I miss when it was college networking only.

  21. Does anyone know what “rocks da llama” is supposed to fucking mean? Kelsey, go fuck yourself.

  22. I have the exact same laptop!

  23. yea this actually made me laugh

  24. at least take off the fucking hoodie

  25. 16, Cassie? More like 12 nowadays.

  26. WTF is wrong with you people? The internet is MADE for women (except for that one in the photo, maybe.) You guys are just bitter because women online keep ignoring your attempts to hit us up.

  27. tits but

    this is the girl that took the picture lmfao,
    i think its amazing your fucken jealous
    assssholes. 🙂

  29. and that wasnt me who was saying all that other stuff with the name kelsey, so shad thaa fack ap.

  30. and i dont wish i was your girlfriend,

  31. Shut up. Your laptop sucks, noob.

  32. you shut up
    my laptop is amazing,
    jealous broad.

  33. nice laptop

  34. hi, im a guy, who wants to take pictures of himself, but im 2 lazy to take a pictures by myself, so could u do smthn new to kame other ppl laugh? come 2 my hause and mirror pic me with a LAPTOP:| btw: do you know if u stay infornt of ya laptop cam it can take a picture of you?

  35. Boobs.

  36. I love this idea. Funny girl.

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