Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Droppin’ Knowledge

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  1. funny Samantha

  2. My Ass is full of Shit every now and then!

  3. wow samantha is really funny -_-

  4. firefireyeahfire

    Samantha’s status was funnier when my elderly aunt posted it as her status 2 months ago..

  5. I have conducted my own scientific survey of women’s shit chutes and can confirm the following:

    20% of women scream ‘Argggh no!’ when they actually mean ‘push that in a touch more’

    60% of women can accommodate two carrots and a parsnip up their squinting ringer at the same time.

    135% of women will touch their own puckered bumeye whilst reading this survey.

    Something about cheese.

  6. Brie’liant !!

  7. Samantha FTW

  8. Ha ha, for once all 3 made me giggle…

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