Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dumped Again

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  1. Who the fuck loves subway?

  2. Classy

  3. Not so much a long story as a long finger. More of a pseudo-haiku.

    Ordered the tuna
    Wait with her, three knuckles deep
    Still smell the tuna.

  4. The best part was that it wasn’t even that long of a story.

  5. Right. That’s why she dumped him. Even though there’s a Subway every 500 yards in most Australian cities and she could easily go to another one.

  6. ^ Dunno if I’m missing something here, but who the fuck mentioned Australia?

  7. ^ That’s where EVERYONE lives nowadays, didn’t you know? Australians especially love to finger each other at Subway.

  8. #5 How would you know this is from Austarlia? You used the measurment of yards which is clearly a United States measurement. I work a 10 minute street drive from my house and I pass three Subways on my way home. I love Subway too and eat there so much that I switch up which one i go to so I don’t seem like a loser for eating out so often.

  9. AlwaysSunnyInPhoenix

    judging by the “m8” “fuck sake” and “whats happened” not the United States.

  10. I was going to ask what kind of gal let’s a bloke finger her in a sandwich shop, but Beatus already answered me. Apparently this is more common in Australia than I was formerly led to believe.

  11. What if your debates are all irrelevant because Barry was just too lazy to type “the” before “subway”?

  12. Both times?

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