Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dustins Busted

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  1. Facebook is helping a generation turn themselves in to online Lindsay Lohan’s. Every stupid thing young people do is documented forever on the Internet.

  2. Douchebag’s been caught… http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2012/02/post_729.html

    Some idiots just don’t understand the e-trail left behind… everything you do online can be traced!

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    Before the Internet I didn’t think there were this many stupid people on this earth. I want to go back to the 70s and 80s.

  4. themanwhosoldtheworld

    Strong story.. anyway posting somebody as the creep of the week before trial seems like a case for amnesty international

  5. I’m with vaginalroundhouse. Sometimes not knowing is better for your state of mind.

  6. Just think of all the stupid shit you did in your teens and even twenties and imagine it documented for your kids. Oy Vey! Like when I was in HS and my friend convinced me it would be kewl to take 5 tabs of window pane. If I did that now I’d be spewing out my trip on FB…

  7. Doing acid is a little different than negotiating the terms of your arrest and incarceration with the sheriff’s department.

  8. Excuse me. A little different from.

  9. Hahahahaaaa this is the best entry EVER! What a maroon! <——- Bugs Bunny

  10. ever so surprisingly dustin has since been captured in Ohio.

  11. ^Someone reads Cracked eh l.o.l.?

    Also, this is awesome.

  12. So he didn’t turn himself in? Shocking.

  13. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    ‘rape by force’? as opposed to what ‘rape by caress’?

  14. You can use force, or you can sneak in.

  15. Don’t be stupid ^ You either use force, or shout surprise. Maybe YOU could sneak in, with your one inch wonder.

  16. LMAO @ surprise

  17. Uh… so the Sheriff Dept. can basically say he’s guilty on their website before his trial by calling him creep of the whatever?

    Fucked up country, this one.

  18. As opposed to statutory rape or rape by drugging or rape by ‘she-changed-her-mind-after.’

    But yeah, this is pretty messed up when you consider how many rape accusations are false.

  19. Codename Dutchess

    Is that a baby on his chest in that profile picture? A RAPE BAYBUH?!

  20. lmao.. This is one of the best lamebook posts in awhile. Quite enjoyable.

  21. Calling someone ‘creep of the week’ implies he is definitively guilty of, at the least, being a creep, whereas saying someone is ‘wanted for’ something only implies that there’s a warrant out or whatever. So calling someone a ‘creep’ could be considered both both libel (or is it slander?) and an attempt to bias the jury pool.
    Also, why would the sheriff’s office tell him to stop talking about it on their FB page? Wouldn’t they WANT to gather evidence?

  22. ^ I’ve lived in Alabama. There is nothing fair about the judicial system there. You could try to make the argument that the jury pool was biased, but you would fail.

  23. They caught him in Ohio by following a rainbow and found him by a pot of gold. If not a creep, quite the douche.

  24. ^I support dakpainter’s theory..

  25. well he said he didn’t do it.
    case closed, surely?

  26. Disturbed Artist, you’re probably right.

    Even if this guy (and all of the OTHER Creeps of the Week that have been branded as such on that Facebook page) were to have a decent lawyer and attempt to have the case thrown out, he’s still working within the constraints of the Alabama judicial system, isn’t he?

  27. Alabama sucks

  28. Hawkbit, my uncle dad was raised in Alabama so I don’t take kindly to your comment :|.

  29. @ Baccante Absolutely. Their state, their rules.

  30. Alabama has the same general judicial system as the rest of the US. Rape accusations are often false, but not usually rape by force accusations as physical evidence is necessary for those, not just he said she said. Finally, people who have outstanding warrants ARE guilty of being creeps, so it’s definitely not slander or libel.

  31. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I’m with iceroyalty1984 on this one; fleeing and refusing to attend court is creepish behaviour even if you’re not guilty of what you’re accused of. Innocent non-creeps go to court and prove their innocence.

  32. Lol @ “uncle dad”…. yup that’s Alabama for y’all.

  33. @27 why are you mad at him for overcoming adversity?

  34. the jury pool? what about the gene pool?

  35. Unless you’re from Alabama, I believe the word “Alabama” is code for white trash. Having been raised in Alabama and lived in the North for few years I’ve come to conclude that I would rather be around a bunch of rednecks that know they’re idiots than a bunch of dumbasses who think they’re brilliant.

  36. The Beast Among Us

    Didn’t anyone watch Spiderman? Slander is spoken. In print, it’s libel.

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