Monday, February 6, 2012


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  1. They are some feminine hands!

  2. If she wanted to bang him, wouldn’t she have just gone home with him?

  3. I hope it was De’andra who smashed his phone so he couldn’t call her.

  4. Such grown-up talk!

  5. evry tyme I try to go up, they keep puching me down!

  6. ^Maybe they keep pushing you down because you’re fuckin’ retarded, and you can’t even spell a word as simple as every.

  7. You are one mean gypsy! I guess I can be your friend, but, only if you stop playing hard to get! You are town rapist?

  8. Why not just inbox?

  9. Because it’s obviously fake. First of all, the hand in the picture is white. Second, the timing of the post and comment is one minute apart.

    And third, if you google broken iphone that picture comes up.

    Come on kids…

  10. vaginalroundhouse

    Duh, 90% of the posts on lamebook are fake. I think we need to start from scratch and starting looking for simple lame posts, not fake lame posts.

  11. @Vaginalroundhouse: they never publish my simple, lame posts 🙁

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    First of all, the hand in the picture is white.


  13. can anyone else see the tiny mutated vagina in the folds of his thumb?

  14. No idiot, you’re the only one looking for a vagina in an otherwise seemingly innocent picture. Nice try though dumbass. Go find a cheap hooker. Need $10?

  15. no, it’s right there – see? above the lens flare on the broken phone.

    what kind of hooker charges $10? Is your sister on crack?

  16. JoeMama2011, your comment makes no sense what so ever. The colour of the hand? And how does it makes this fake, if the post and the comment are just one minute apart? Is there some kind of time limit you have to wait before you can comment?

    Not saying that this is real, though. I’m kind of disturbed by the fact that he posted a pic of his broken phone. On the other hand, maybe he really wants to prove that he broke his phone, so he took a picture of it with a camera and uploaded it.

    Still, INBOX, PEOPLE! Use it!

  17. hmmm…

  18. no?

  19. how about now?

  20. nope…

  21. sweet

  22. DAMNIT!

  23. k then..

  24. I’ll figure a way to reverse this eventually!

  25. Just not yet…fuck…

  26. 123or yet…

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