Monday, February 6, 2012

I Need a Girll

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  1. Tee hee…

  2. 2nd YAY!!! oh and that up there sounds about right.

  3. Tru dat

  4. I’ve never paid a hooker.

  5. I like how you’ve never PAID one, which isn’t to say you’ve never been SERVICED by one… Stop running out on the bill, MsAnne!

  6. Also they’re both for puttin yer meat in.

  7. My grill is all about commitment

  8. My grill is about blowjobs and bukkake..

  9. You don’t pay a hooker to fuck you. You pay her to fuck off afterwards.

  10. Cruntox, any girl with you would demand payment up front.

  11. Usually they only want a deposit.

  12. A deposit in her spank bank

  13. Well thank fuck you’re here to explain the joke to everyone.

  14. except that he didn’t really explain anything, did he?
    pretty sure that hookers don’t really want your deposit & do not think you’re attractive. or special.

  15. Well… You’d know.

  16. It’s true. I know stuff.

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