Friday, October 14, 2011


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  1. Smells Like Teen Mom. Yeah,that’s what it’s title somewhere. But anyways,how are y’all? Did i missed something funny lately?

  2. Jessie: ‘I thought I could trust him to realize watching porn on the computer is so much better!’

  3. The “Cunt Wrap Supreme”

  4. dayum
    he watches porn!what a loser

  5. Codename Dutchess

    So Josh is cheating on Jessie…with his hand. What an asshat!

  6. How old is Jessie???

  7. Women who complain about their boyfriend/spouse watching porn are annoying. If anything, we should be taking notes about which kind of porn he watches because that’s indicative of what kind of sex he likes and it’d blow his mind when we are able to recreate it for him. Geez, some women are such prudes!

  8. I got my stroke from Ron Jeremy.

  9. Psh, I’m all for popping some porn on for both of us every now and then! I agree, some people need to lighten up about it.

  10. I’m a woman and I don’t see the big deal with guys watching porn. With anything else, as long as it doesn’t become an addiction that interferes with your life, it’s not a problem.

  11. @megamel99

    Does watching porn in the morning before I go to work count as an addiction? Or is it ok as long as I let the tumescence fade away before I leave the door?

  12. Porn is used as a tool for masturbation. Until the women (or men) on the screen can pop out and start having sex with you, stop worrying about it.

    Also, ty_inpsires: What if the guy watches bukkake? Are you going to gather up a bunch of men to jizz on your face?

  13. ^^^ Count me in.

  14. Crane, I personally wouldn’t carry out any fantasy that has more than me and my husband involved.

    If my husband were to be turned on by bukkake I’d just let him enjoy that porn because it’s not going to happen with me. I see nothing wrong with the fantasy world of porn but there’s just some things a girl can’t do. 😉

    Sidenote: My husband just confirmed that he thinks bukkake is just a sausage party for down low men who need a woman present so they can say, “I’m so not gay,”. I think I’m safe from that being on my husband’s wish list lol.

  15. Drank the contacts? How hilarious

  16. I had an ex who was addicted to porn. One nite I came up behind him while he was watching some girl on girl and I leaned over and said ” hopefully you can learn something from them”.

  17. LOL! “Oh God he looks at porn, everything is all wrong!”

    Porn is not cheating. In fact, its quite useful.

  18. I watch porn with my boyfriend. Why do some girls think that it’s only something guys do, and that it wrong?

    One of my friends cancelled her engagement because she caught her fiance watching porn!

  19. I agree with the comments about girls telling guys not to watch porn. I even knew someone whose girlfriend would say she wasn’t in the mood for sex then forbid him from watching porn. Crazy!

    The problem with porn is that it makes guys think that all girls love anal and DP and group sex. It does tend to normalise extreme sexual behaviour, but as long as the woman lays down the law, I don’t see what’s wrong with it.

    My boyfriend knows we’re never going to have a threesome, but we can watch pornos with threesomes and enjoy them.

  20. I probably watch more porn than my boyfriend does. When you need to get off, and noone is there to help you, porn in the answer!

  21. I have read things like this about porn and men so so many times on US forums that i’m starting to believe it’s true. So, is it really so that a large part of US women can’t stand the fact that men are watching porn??!!

  22. I don’t get the major deal with guys watching Porn. Maybe 50 years ago it would be considered a socially degrading activity for one to explore their own sexuality, but nowadays it’s actually become so normal that it’s actually more surprising when a man DOESN’T watch porn.

    Guys watch porn, girls blow $600 on a pair of shoes. Shit happens.

  23. @Wrenchmuller, just wash your hands after and it’s no big deal. 😉

  24. It doesn’t bother me that my husband watches porn occasionally.
    I do it, too.
    We also watch it together, sometimes.

    Women who hate porn also hate strip clubs and those bitches be crazy.

  25. NEVERMIND the porn, when is the nirvana tour???

  26. ^^^ lol or the dumbass that drank her contacts

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