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  1. @Chris 150 – Check before pedantry. The abbreviation for pounds is neither pds nor lbs, but lb.

  2. For a while there I thought the majority of people were on Averill’s side. Is it just me or does Averill sound like a type of medication?
    Overly pushy religious people shit me off, but so do overly pushy athiests.
    They go around preaching twice as bad, and shout it out like they’re the guy in the movie theater who figured out the twist in the plot.

  3. Atheists have nothing to preach… Not sure where you’re from but I’ve never heard an atheist ever say anything about being one unless asked. Umm, and also, how exactly does it “shit you off”?

  4. hahaha really don’t wanna get in the debate about that, but the dude above me is totally wrong. Or maybe it’s just a matter of perspective. I’ve met plenty of arrogant believers but every atheist i met was arrogant. Again, may be just perspective, or bias. but I am admitting it. Maybe it’s just the cynicism or bitterness that tends to go with “anti” comments in general while for the most part “pro”comments are happy and optimistic (on any issue). This is why pro-choice groups label pro-life groups as “anti-choice”. It makes them sound meaner.

    anywho, that’s funny some kid getting a lecture from his friend’s aunt. Sooo not into the whole relatives seeing my page thing…I love them enough to limit what they can see on my page lol.

  5. “Ahem” is an idiot.

  6. I f***ing hate SkiFree.

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