Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easy Elements

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  1. Oh please… That’s nothing. Going on dates with two different entities doesn’t make you nearly as slutty as Cecilia. Or her mom.

  2. oh how funn, the puns!

  3. christopherlovet

    This isn’t new, I see jokes like this periodically.

  4. ^ well played christopherlovet

  5. Dawn of the Dan

    Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium
    Thorium Iodine Sulphur

  6. i wonder if the waiter set them up at a nice TABLE.

  7. oh wow, totheFlames…yoU‘re so good at this Clever tricKery…and stuff…the way YOU subtly Capitalised yoUr witty pun wasn’t eveN a bit reTarded.

  8. Ytterbium anyone?

  9. fluorine, uranium, carbon, potassium. bismuth, technetium, hydrogen, einsteinium. germanium, thulium, oxygen, neon, yttrium

  10. Dawn of the Dan

    Exemplary, Stever.

  11. Y u be’s all up on mah grill like dat, gurl?

  12. Oh my dear Watson …

  13. Ms Anne. You are quite clever. I have read your comments many times. The thing is: My comment reading x your witty rebuttal = nothing to look forward to. Please, feel free to ” insult” me as you usually do to other lamebookers. The main difference is that my vagina is in working order, and yours smells of overgrown toenails.

  14. ^what are you talking about? oh shit, are you my gynecologist?…well fuck you, i know where you live.

  15. ^You have a gynecologist? I always pictured a gang of elves clad in pink scrubbing away at your ‘gina and brewing beer in your ovaries. :S

  16. ^I want that now.

  17. Everyone already took all the good ones.

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