Wednesday, April 4, 2012


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  2. ^ Total failure.

  3. Maybe its my immaturity showing, but these made me crack up.

  4. HAHAHA YAY for funny stuff! I totally agree with you up there, Mr

  5. Masturbaking FTW.

  6. haha… I didn’t see the k on the third one until until I saw comment #5. Thank Lord for the comments.

  7. Hubert Cumberdale; you smell like soot and pooh

  8. ^ do you suffer from retardation?

  9. ^you trying to set up a therapy group?

  10. ^ you wanna get in on it, don’t you?

  11. no. I just want to chain the doors shut and torch the joint.

  12. ^Why use chaines when we have DUCT TAPE?!

  13. because it melts, you fucking moron.
    i swear, it’s like you never committed murder by arson before.

  14. Hawkbit – You made me go and re-watch Salad Fingers episodes. Rather than a pleasant trip down memory lane, I’m now more disturbed now than I was as a 20 year old stoner. Being sober has made me cynical. And when I say sober, I mean 6 beers deep.

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