Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Win

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  1. Facebook: Welcome to the world of poor taste.

  2. ^”welcome”? what fucking rock have you been living under?

  3. 3rd one from the sun

  4. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    already seen this on Lamebooks secondary site….

  5. Just UGH

  6. Wow… soooo hardcore!

    Wait, what the fuck just happened?

  7. Just to let you all know this baby passed away when the scam was going around. A friend of mine know the family. . . .

  8. Not two minutes ago I saw my aunt share something almost exactly like this, except it said 100 shares and was a different picture. Well, it was in French too. If I knew how to tell her it’s a scam, I would, but my comprehension goes pretty much only one way. Damn this is sickening though.

  9. ^almost ‘exactly like’ for sure, hon.

  10. I refused to share this pic because I wanted to know what it was like to kill a baby
    It was glorious
    Now I know why girls get abortions

  11. Obviously someone was making a sarcastic (parody? whatever the right word is) point of those ridiculous FB things that go around, as if sharing a post is going to end bullying, or cure cancer or whatever else. I just objected to the probably real life picture.

  12. Teeko is right. This was mocking those people that think those scams are real. I get about three posts a week like this on my Facebook page, from different people. Who actually believes those things? As if there is someone willing to foot the bill for a child’s medical care but only if they get enough ‘likes’ on Facebook.

  13. Obviously it’s mocking. I only object to the photos of actual sick children.

  14. Ithurtswhenipee

    I fucking know that girl! Her name is Jenny Pitchford! Met her in Gibraltar… Gibraltar, southern Spain, for all you fucking yanks, not Gibraltar anywhere, U.S.A….

  15. Do they have Facebook in Gibraltar? How big is the population? I wonder if that’s why they only got a dozen shares.

  16. They don’t even have a normal airport runway…

  17. this angers me more than the time i got cut off in traffic.

  18. I’m getting pretty damn tired of burn victim soldier and terrified bride, myself.

  19. @14 I don’t believe you based on your user name.

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