Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet Courvoiser

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  1. That’s some amazing wit he’s got. Aquafina? Wow, this guy’s deep.

    I also have to wonder if he meant his name to be Courvoisier but just can’t spell it.

  2. Smoove B has no worries over this impostor.

  3. Truly awful. Are there women out there who actually fall for this shit?

  4. “my mind can go deeper,” does this mean he has a small dick? do I fuck him? help.

  5. SLG, yes. That’s a potential baby daddy right there.

  6. Nigga gets more ass than a toilet seat

  7. More pussy than recycled sanitary pads

  8. why? 🙁

  9. I can’t tell if this better or worse than the genuine invite of: “wanna sit on it and spin?” =/

  10. Ugh. I’m not sure what is more lame, his poetry or that God awful name.

  11. Does he even now how sex works? You’re not my gynecologist, don’t be touching my cervix.

  12. ^So…you have never dated a black guy or me then?

  13. Chinchillazilla

    He must get all the no-ladies.

  14. Is he a teenage mutant ninja turtle ?

  15. I would have used the word ‘boobs’ instead of ‘bust’ and eliminated the other 15 lines, other than that … not bad.

  16. Should rename that sour excuse for a poem “Aids + 1”. Poor jungle bunny has a long way to go if he wants to be like Barry when he grows up..

  17. If he had actually rhymed ‘Aquafina’ with ‘vagina’…well that would have been impressive.

  18. I just picked up his book–Poems From the Clitoral Hood. It’s wonderful in that I’ll-fucking-rhyme-when-I-feel-like-it-bitch kind of way.

  19. “Courvoiser likes this”. He’s a wanker.

  20. I liked it

  21. ^ Do you also enjoy being fucked in the ear by a monkey?

  22. heehee #18

  23. My boy-pussy is just twitching reading this. “Girls’ that fall for this idiocy surely deserve what’s coming to them!

  24. I’ll bet that somewhere on his family tree, there is a branch to Suroor.

  25. I don’t get what you guys don’t like. I’d hazard a guess that most of you, if male, are just jealous. If you’re female, you’re holding it in, for sure.
    My eyes have just been penetrated by the finest poetry… I’m like Niagara Falls downstairs right now.

  26. I searched for Courvoiser and nothing… I did find Courvoiser Nico, with no profile pic, but a couple interesting pics in his wall.

  27. Correction: he does have a profile pic. It’s the Manchester United logo.

  28. @mass I like your style. I’ll be waiting for your next poem please

  29. #16, CapnJaques:

    Are you. Fucking serious?

    “Jungle bunny??!”

    Not even as a joke, asshole. And way to equate black people with AIDS. Classy.

    Seriously, I just REGISTERED for this shit for the express purpose of informing you that you’re an unfunny racist motherfucker. Frankly, I think you’re just upset that even though you’re SOOOOOoo intelligent, Courvoiser probably gets more tail than a veterinarian, and you’re stuck at home having a threesome with Rightie and a can of Crisco.

    Also, there’s a “c” in Jacques, Monsieur LeFail.

    That’s alright, though, spelling is hard – those bedsheet hood things smother all the brain cells.

    Un. Be. Lievable.

  30. Here, I wrote YOU a poem in honor of the occasion:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    At least this guy created something instead of recycling unoriginal racist epithets on the interwebs.
    You’re an ass.

    :drops the mic:

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