Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Smart Start!

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  1. I seriously cannot tell if the first one is trolling. Actually also the second one

  2. Dori is clearly a genius. When Global warming kill us she’ll be fine because she can inhale her own spit.

    Second one is a clear troll. Or at least I hope so. :/

  3. Whoops *kills

  4. I would have answered the 2nd one with: “Try it and find out.”

  5. Dana is proof that it is possible for evolution to go backwards.

  6. *can go backwards.

    Oh my gosh it’s contagious!

  7. How do these stupid people survive? Luck?

  8. defectiveuser –

    Dana is proof that it is possible for evolution can go backwards?

  9. @rachhh Yeah i think it’s DEVOLUTION is a not so layman’s term.

  10. Sure Dana it will get dryder fastester if you setted it real high-like an maybe put you’re hole head in there two. Try it. Please.

  11. What can I say? I told you it was contagious.

  12. Dana yer micrewave will dryder hair bestest when you wear a metal hairband. Also put a piller in there to rest yer head on so the turntable wont make you dizzy.

  13. Why don’t you give it a go, Dana? You’ve got nothing to lose.

  14. Wait. How would that work? Microwaves only function with the door closed. So… is she wearing a wig, or does she have a giant “walk-in” microwave?

  15. Actually buckle_up some of the old microwaves used to break and the sensors would fail alowing you to turn a microwave on with the door open.

    Not that I am defending this moron, just a memory that pop’d into my head.

  16. Vitamins are dangerous :/

  17. He probably cut his thumb almost off opening a box of vitamins with a box cutter. Never happened to me, but seen plenty of guys have it happen at the different places I have worked.

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