Monday, June 27, 2011

Idiotic Updates

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  2. Oh shi- welcome back dawg.

  3. This place will never be the same without you dawg.

  4. oh my gawd! it’s steeeever?! i’m honored to post on the same page as you…

  5. Gee footloose… i bet you printed this page out and put it on your refrigerator with a pretty pink butterfly magnet too. right?

  6. alabamahotpocket

    whats wrong with that…

  7. Perhaps my educational system failed me as well, but doesn’t most of America speak Spanish?

  8. alabamahotpocket

    It has indeed sir, spanish is the second most spoken here.

  9. CommentsAtLarge

    We also don’t speak “american”…

  10. it seems to me emily thinks there are more than one eiffel tower?

  11. @ciremelf you bet your sweet ass i did! i hung it right beneath my picture of justin beiber with a digital clock countdown to his 18th birthday.

  12. Yeah, the Mexicans really did a great job pouring in. Every company is trying to find ways to cater to them, you see billboards in Spanish everywhere in Texas and other southern states. Funny thing is, they’re super macho and won’t wear glasses, so the billboards use extra large, bold typefaces.

  13. Whine

  14. @ alabama not a sir 🙂 Also, given the amount of countries that speaks Spanish in America, I’d think it would be rather more popular than any other language. After all it doesn’t state if it’s north or south one, so let’s count them both.

  15. Umm, what’s wrong with the second one?
    Yeah, that’s the Eiffel tower in the background, but obviously not the real one. There is a model like that in Las Vegas though.

    So, I think the people here at Lamebook are the ones with issues.

  16. What’s wrong with the second one is a) She thinks there is more than one Eiffel Tower and B) she thinks that it (they) is in Las Vegas. Isn’t it kind of common knowledge that the Eiffel Tower is in Paris? perhaps she thinks they are movable?

  17. @logicalguy Sarcasm is clearly lost on you.

  18. So, I’m Canadian but I thought there were 50 states + DC ?

  19. I cant stand rednecks ranting about how “This is America,We speak American” guess we also value blind patriotism over intelligence.

  20. education_is_good

    The biggest problem with America is the fact that people think we should all only speak ONE language. Are any of you idiots that think this way aware that being able to speak multiple languages is a sign of higher intelligence? In every other country in the world its mandatory for you kids to start learning multiple languages by the time they are in 3rd grade. Not only being able to speak but also the ability to read and write them also. There is no pride when it comes to stupidity and narrow mindedness. If we want to be a proud culture, how about a little education?! I find it sad that in today’s world people have the grammar skills of a 5 year old at high school levels. The more stupidity breeds the more I feel like the movie Idiocracy was more of a prediction of whats to come then a fictional comedy.

  21. Yeah, that’s not actually true. In my country at least.

  22. If you all don’t mind me adding this : The official language of the United States Of America (at least “de facto”) is ENGLISH, not American! And the one about the eiffel tower is just sad!

  23. The United States does not have an official language. There is no official statement on what the country is supposed to be speaking by the government. There is no governmentally-endorsed national language.

    There is, however, a lingua franca that happens to be English in most states, and most of the southwest is effectively bilingual.

  24. I know no one will ever see this as this post is so old, but I wanted to toss out that DC has been officially made its own state, so we do have 51 states now.

  25. Dude hal, total fail DC has not been made into it’s own state it is still a District look it up. You are lucky more people haven’t seen it since you are such a failure.

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