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  2. I think I just found my soulmate

  3. Eddie sounds like a real catch.

  4. drugs are bad..mmmmkay

  5. What a pathetic, lazy-ass waste of skin. Really, man? This guy gives disabled people and pot smokers a bad name. Disabled indeed. I assume tax payers are paying for this guy to get high everyday. Way to be a productive member of society Eddie.

  6. TLDR

  7. Winner…where can I get his number, lol. I wonder what his”disability” is. Another sucker who thinks that it is free money when really it’s all of us who work who pay him. I think he smokes a little too much pot, some short term memory loss. His parents must be so proud.

  8. How many times does he have to tell us how much he loves Britney and that he smokes pot? We get the bloody picture. Obsessing over Britney is exactly why drugs are bad.

  9. I’m opening a book on how many frantic power wanks Eddie has performed over a Britney poster…. I’ll stick all the entries into a big hat at the end of the comments section and the person I think is closest will win an all inclusive dinner for one with myself…

    I will reveal what the ‘all inclusive’ pertains to in my own good time thank you very much.

  10. What’s worse- drugs or religion?

    I know which would win in a fight. Unless PCP showed up. In which case, it would be a face-off between Islam and PCP for the title.

  11. Hmmm 7665?

  12. The sad thing is, there’s probably a girl out there who would be just perfect for him.

  13. Oooh I want his number. He’s my soulmate. He loves weed and britney, I love crack and Whitney 😀

    Seriously though, what a lazy sack of shit.


    I reckon about 15. 3 each day for 5 days. he needs a 2 day break as his special lad is too sore and raw so he needs time to recuperate and by the end of the 2 days he has lost memory of his power wanks over the previos 5 days so he gets a fresh run at wanking over the same poster. Its a vicious cycle

  15. oh also in winter it goes up to 4 or 5 a day. because winter is boring man

  16. TL;DR, though I briefly skimmed over here and there. Good choice by LB. Eddie is a huge douche nozzle.

  17. Great way to repulse every girl who comes across your profile Eddie. Good job.

  18. Erm…i think he may have autism. Would explain the disability care, the repetition and the fixations….

  19. Yes, he did tend to repeat himself…over…and over…and over…and over…

  20. And that, ladies and gents, is a wonderful example of someone who deserves to lose disability insurance.

  21. “hit me baby one more time” came out 4388 days ago so assuming he had 3 good fap sessions a day my guess would be- 13,164…

    possibly double that because he has no job- 26,328 rub outs… and that’s my final answer:)

  22. oh and my guess is he has no legs.

  23. I do appreciate that he didn’t “rite lik dis”.

  24. Isn’t it said that 7 wanks is the most they can do per day without getting some serious chafing? So 6 times a day might be a bit too close to the higher limit. Although he DOES seem very dedicated to everything BS and therefore may have an uncanny stamina/tolerance…

    Taking into account the previously mentionned factors (unemployment and obsession, etc), I’ll say somewhere in the 18 000s, but if we have to really be specific, I’ll venture 18 783 times… and counting

    But he does say dinner for one. Unfair. He has to eat too…

  25. it’s because of people like ED and this family of 8(6 kids two fat slob adults) abusing the disability and welfare systems in north america that the people who actually have physical, emotional, etc disabilities and people that need welfare and the good it does can’t get it. Or they get it but have limited coverage due to arrogant fraudsters like Mr Pot head here. I’m someone that needs twice a year cleanings from my dentist or I get bad gum infections(sorry if that grosses anyone out), but apparently at least where I am it’s now on a credit system where you might get one 30 minute cleaning IF YOUR LUCKY! The rest falls under possible emergency care. I’m tired of these cheats getting away with economical murder. BTW About the family I talked of? They were on welfare. the fat fuckers felt that the government already provided school, and health care the government should also provide clothing, food and housing for their brood. Yeah, no. In closing this guy is an asshole if I came across him on facebook I would damn well alert the feds to him.

  26. @ hpcan : I think he says he likes to take walks, but I really don’t feel like reading it again. Skimming through it once was enough

  27. This is just unreal!
    My Mother has a terminal cancer and she gets way lower
    then that in disability! Not working and having two kids.
    It’s not very easy.. Yet they give this guy over $700
    and he’s talking like this. Also medicating his self with
    an illegal drug.. What has this world come to..

  28. Someone should forward this to Obama.

  29. Nothing he wrote in profile suggests that he should not be on disability.

  30. He most likely has autism…

  31. Not cool, Lamebook. You’re mocking an autistic man. FAIL.

  32. “Nothing he wrote in profile suggests that he should not be on disability.”

    Disability / welfare is to help people who need food or rent, not who want to get high. I have no problem with people getting high, but if you have enough money for pot you don’t need welfare, even in the form of disability.

    And as for the person complaining about mocking an autistic man, get over it.

  33. Mocking him? Whether or not he has autism, the only person mocking anything is Eddie. And doing a damn fine job of mocking the system, I must say. Rain Man has got it all worked out.

  34. @31
    Don’t know many people with autism that smoke weed. Do you?

  35. Whoever posted this screenshot should just report him to the proper authorities?

  36. *raises hand* I have autism, and I smoke weed.

  37. Don’t wanna sound ignorant but do autistic adults usually use good grammar and spelling? I’m not a grammar Nazi by any means but this guy could tell the difference between “everyday” and “every day.” Could it just be that he’s a disable idiot?

  38. @cherry cola – yup, people with high functioning autism (sometimes defined as Asperger’s syndrome) can be extremely intelligent, just not know how to relate to people/communicate as others do. So I guess it’s possible that this guy is for real… But I’m NOT convinced. I call fake.

  39. can someone translate “a couple of grams or an eighth of RD or so with 17 Dutches!!”

  40. I’ve got no clue, but no doubt there’s more than one Lamebooker that could decipher it for you, prof.

  41. @anaceofkidneys

    Really? Do you smoke as much as this guy? Do you work/ able to go to school?

  42. Sure, he may be Autistic, but I know of many schizophrenic and bi-polar people who act this way also. Anyone here watch House? Remember that guy House was rooming with at the Psych hospital? I totally picture Eddie to be that guy, lol! My son has Autism and can’t even get SSI disability, and he’s on the severe end of the spectrum. And this douche is able to be on his own and HE can get disability?! Something tells me that Eddie is more than capable of being a janitor or something.

  43. @campione: Um… probably not. I smoke a few nights a week and always after work. I own my business, so I don’t have to worry about being piss tested.

    I only volunteered to show that not all autistic people are straightedge and/or uptight about drugs. Many are, but certainly not all. A lot of us use weed or booze for relaxation or as a social lubricant… just like, you know, normal people.

  44. @Imamofo:

    How the fuck else do you think Eddie is getting all the Britney posters to stick to the walls?

  45. He’s probably schizophrenic rather than autistic – but either way he’s a mental patient. The Seabury Heights he mentions is sheltered accommodation with medical/nursing assistance for people with disabilities. It’s run by a Christian charity.

    Which is ironic, because as Jesus would say: ‘What a total scrounging bastard. KILL HIM’.

    @princesszelda: something tells me that Eddie is more than capable of papering the entire place with Britney posters whilst being a janitor or something….

  46. if y’all read this I don’t get how you can think he isn’t disabled enough for that $$, there’s clearly something wrong at least mentally

  47. there is no such thing as a “good neighborhood” in the worcester belmont area…

  48. Wow, just wow, Eddie.

  49. lol, nice stuff

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