Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012

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  1. 1) I don’t.

    2) I was hearing that joke back in the Bush Sr. election.

    3) That was VERY funny, and very appropriate.

  2. *rooking forward

  3. Sinister Purposes

    *rooking folwald

  4. You know a site’s liberal when…

  5. When they post a picture of someone else’s political joke?

  6. So have we proven to the world that we aren’t the most racist country on the face of the Earth yet?

  7. beatusmongous – I had a related conversation with a North American, who was convinced that his imitation of a Vietnamese manicurist was a) the funniest thing ever and b) not racist. For all its residual racism, I’m glad that mainstream UK has shaken off the idea that racial stereotypes and immigrants’ accents do not by themselves constitute humour, whereas in the USA I have come across supposedly acceptable comments in society and the media concerning, for instance, Asians’ assumed skill levels at maths and driving. It’s like revisiting the worst of the 70s.
    But don’t worry, there are countries in the world with even worse attitudes towards the non-native born.

  8. I disagree, mostly because, if anything, I’ve seen more British people making fun of dialects and accents than anyone, especially on their comedy shows.

  9. You’re watching 70s comedy shows?

  10. Nope. New ones.

  11. Hmm, I can’t think off-hand of modern UK comedies that would make fun of accents for the hell of it. Unless I’m missing a joke…

  12. Everything is a joke. Life is funny.

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