Wednesday, September 26, 2012

End of the World

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  1. When I read “bottles of water guns” I knew she was a trusted source.

  2. the world’s ending. bella would like a barbie doll and some pink balloons.

  3. I hope Bella is not her child also, seeing that she is nursing Lilly.

  4. Haha again. and again…and again.

  5. there’s an election in the US? its ok, going broke wont end the country, itll just give Ma Ying-jeou more of a boner

  6. There are quite a few spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in that paragraph. One word at a time, rightbrain, don’t want you getting overexcited and blowing your load too soon – I imagine there’s plenty more to come.

  7. how would bottles of water guns help you survive the end of the world?

  8. Fake.

  9. I just don’t think the logistics of storing water guns inside bottles is ideal.

  10. Hey crusty–you now know there’s a difference between grammar and spelling. Well done. One step at a time.

  11. There are complete idiots on both sides, but it seems the Obama supporting idiots have moved to Instagram.

  12. Youre really being that pedantic? I cant bring myself to argue with a child, its just to much.
    And the missing apostrophes are just for you, as is the missing “o” – I hope you find them and choke on them.

  13. i’m never more proud to be an american then when i see our intelligentsia on display such as in this post. i think the OP is actually a fox news analyst.

  14. @12 Actually dipshit, I’ve never corrected anyone’s grammar or spelling on this site. And to correct yours would be like arranging deck chairs on the Titantic as the ship went down. Look at your comment, #9. How is that different than #7? Because it’s not a question? Moron.

  15. Bottles of water, guns. In case anyone else couldn’t work out that a simpleton might omit a comma.

  16. I didn’t say it was any different – but you keep on plugging fella, you’ll get lucky sooner or later.

  17. Haha ohhh just. use. one. username. for. this. site. cat lady.

  18. Wow. You are fucking dense. That’s my point, numbnuts. It’s the same comment.

  19. MsAnne, comparing this idiot to a bucket of dog cum is grossly unfair to dog cum. Dog cum at least has the potential to be a dog one day and do simple tricks, perhaps even rescue somebody. Whereas crustycumface can only…anyone?

  20. What makes you think this woman is a simpleton? She said the spelling mistakes were because she was trying to nurse a child, and there are plenty of intelligent people who think the world will end if Dumbo is re-elected.

  21. crusty is a breeder, if that helps at all, rightbrain…?
    so relax. the next generation is in safe hands.

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