Thursday, January 3, 2013


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  2. What does this even have to do with Facebook?

  3. If this was perhaps posted a few months back, it would have been considered funny. However the “ermahgerd” craze has been and gone, joining the rest of the overused memes.
    And this post just highlights how behind the times lamebook has become.

  4. This ermahgerd shit’s new to me i had to google it and now that i know what it means (thanks, knowyourmeme. com) i still think that sign is stupid.

    Oh and uh, Dongs, it has to do with facebook because some idiot took this picture and posted it on facebook

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  7. This ermahgerd shit’s new to me and I know better than to google it.

  8. can any1 please tell me wtf #5 is tlkn about? every so often I see some shite dat hasnt a god am thing 2 do w da lamebook post..sorry..lermberk #5…u n ur fucktard buddies send an email or direct msg from ur phone n stop making us read ur random ass bullshit…please..i said please

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