Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Error Terror!

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  1. at least the reply is less overposted

  2. I usually stay out of the whole “Lamebook has gotten lame” conversations, but this is ridiculous. Anyone who has been on the internet for five minutes has seen that post at least once*.

    Do the Lamebook editors live in a hole, or do they think that people still laugh at “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

    Honestly, I’ve seen this so many times I can’t remember if I ever thought it was funny to begin with.

    *Obvious exaggeration-but not by much.

  3. Ethan fails

  4. At least it is better than the status. Doubt his reply is something I’ve seen tons of over the internet.

  5. Hawkbit,yo momma aint shit!

  6. yodawg anit shit

  7. Guess what..there are people who never saw Nicks line in the internet. o_O

  8. Maybe LAMEbook hasn’t posted this because its funny, but because its LAME. The guy making that joke is lame, because the joke is equally lame… and maybe the your mum thing is pretty lame by now too?

    Just a thought, maybe not.

    And for the record, Hawkbit, yodawg and yoink, if it helps, I think you ARE all shit. Really really shit, so I hope that helps. And your “momma”s were probably equally shit.

  9. How have I managed to never see the “mypenis” joke before?
    My head must be so far up my ass. (I’m still – and proudly so – a black and bieber virgin)

    I’m with Hawkbit. You’re all shit
    Insert lame “yo momma” joke

  10. haha I lol’d. Then again, I actually enjoy life rather then post about lame or unfunny I think somethings are.. *cough* peterpiper *cough*

  11. @peterpiper and wandr,have some respect. I fucked so many mommas so there’s a high possibility that y’all my sons. And it’ll be incest if wandr ride peter’s pipe. And did i mention y’all momma aint shit?

  12. Princess Beyatch

    Yodawg FTW!!! daddy?? lol

  13. IkilledChuckNorris

    My momma is so fat people run around her for extercise 😀 oh wait..

  14. @yodawg Are you trolling, or just plain stupid?

  15. sorry to break the news so publicly Hawkbit but you’re prolly my son too.

  16. @Hawkbit Seriously Hawk, have you read this guy’s replies before? At least yoink had his act together.

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