Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Essay Obstacles

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  1. Nice


  3. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Oh hai Steve

  4. The teacher should give Foster last semester’s essays — and then assign entirely different ones this semester, thus ‘rewarding’ Foster for his douchery with nearly twice as much work as he would normally have had.

  5. I bet foster’s surname is “child” because noone wanted him at birth. Whilst people might feel sorry for him and take him in for a week or two, noone wants to fully commit and actually adopt him.

  6. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Shut it, Crusty.

  7. You sound like a MsAnne alter, unbelievably similar. But regardless whether you be da same person or not, NOOOOOOOOOOO.

  8. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Unfortunately myself and that miserable excuse of a troll are not the same person.

  9. SantiagoAntonio

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  10. No, Crusty, Bebo is definitely a different person. MsAnne is a lot more violent, and at least clever. Bebo just tells everyone to shut up or fuck off, because he/she has very little imagination.

  11. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Thank you beatus, you complete and utter spastic.

    In my defense I would like to point out that I have only made 3 or 4 comments, so please hold any reservations you have for a bit longer.

    I just think ye are all wankers, except for Steve.
    That man has put in more hours on this than I have had wanks.

  12. ^ That’s not a defense; it’s poorly-constructed excuse that relies on quantity (not quality) of posts. So judged.

    Plus, you followed up with accolades to Steeeever, whose dull-wittedness is only surpassed by ToTheFlames’.

  13. Like I said, very little imagination.

  14. you people are terrible to each other.

  15. What do you mean “you people”? It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?!?

  16. I didn’t know you were black, Bacchante. or that you have lamebook access in prison. fancy!

  17. There have been so many, “That’s what she said” jokes on The Big Bang Theory today.

  18. Ya bitch

  19. I took a sock to school once… I didn’t bother writing an essay about it though. There’s only so much you can write about a sock which has the same rigidity as a titanium steel column and more flaky white bits then Simon Westons face.

  20. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Steve is the boss around these parts

  21. He might be the boss around YOUR parts, but that’s it.

  22. One doesn’t directly address the lower echelons, Bacchante. You shame our people.

  23. Hey, I notice that your systematic beating of the mongs isn’t having the desired effect either, MsAnne. Sure, it might be fun, but it doesn’t teach them manners, or disclipline or structure their thought processes. It just leaves extra piss, shit and snot on the floor, and you never clean up after yourself!

  24. wtf? ‘clean up’? am I black?

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