Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What the Truck?

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  1. she seems like a keeper

  2. Some day, Rob and Brooke will look back at this and laugh.

  3. Rob needs to take these messages and file a police report. Brooke has been listening to too much Carrie Underwood.

  4. @beatus I don’t think anyone will be laughing in hell…

  5. ahahaha MsAnne you ARE good for something, I genuinely laughed at me doing my hair.

  6. ^ Sure they will. After all, the best music will be found in Hell.

  7. Let this be a lesson to you fellows.

    Don’t stick your dick in crazy.

  8. Wait, what?! If it weren’t for crazy I would never get laid. For the love of God don’t tell her I said that or I can never sleep again. Would it be ok if I at least got a blow job from crazy? Guess I’m just unfamiliar with the rules concerning psycho chicks, if someone could recommend a book or somesuch I would love you forever. And I do mean FOREVER.

  9. Stay away from crazy women. Five years and i’m still regretting it.

  10. krasivaya_devushka

    A picture along with this post would have been nice!

  11. If you have the patience, Crazy is dynamite in bed. Just fyi…

  12. hahahaha noone could have put that better even in a hundred years

  13. How does one know when they’ve found a crazy?

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    You just do Crane.

  15. brooke is fucking awesome.

  16. “Hey, that’s my truck!” “Yeah? Well be sure to tell them that down at the impound lot.”

  17. Brooke seems freakin insane, but I bet she’d be the coolest best friend ever.

  18. Oh, alright, Brooke is kind of cool.
    …even if she is one of those greasy self-submitters.

  19. If Brooke was my bitch and done that to my truck, I would carve my name into her face.

  20. ^ I’d make an awesome porno with her, dump her, and sell the video for enough money to repair the truck and buy some other stuff.

  21. I’m really amazed that people still make money from porn. What with, you know, the whole fucking internet in existence.

  22. yeah but they don’t have porn with you being banged and having your face carved into at the same time. Damn that shit would be awesome.

  23. ^yes they do.
    what internet have you been on, snow white?

  24. Is this real? Dear god, some people.

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