Friday, February 12, 2010

Sassy and … Classy?

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  1. @MYkl42, yes and she also Liked her own vanity status. Sad.

  2. What a winner.

  3. @danica #48 – Me too! and Yvonne! Stupid, self righteous bitch!

  4. I’m an Aussie. ‘Zoo model’: Well ‘Zoo’ is this tacky sort of.. soft porn mag, in Australia. One of those porn mags that has cheesy interviews with dumb broads about their sex lives, and has competitions where guys send in photoes of their naked girlfriends to see who’s the hottest. Fucking lame.

  5. Zoo Magazine is what strippers do on their days off.

    Daddy issues all around.

  6. I think it’s time to reinvent the “burning man” festival. These people can be the first contestants.

  7. i would like to clarify, “Zoo” is a mens magazine in Australia, and a pretty good one aswell.

  8. ^ yes people, Zoo does attract these sort of people. ChampionHuStLeRz!1!

  9. I’m pretty sure Rebbeca is a girl who I lived with on college a couple of years ago…where she earned herself the nickname Crazy K, she also won a wet T-shirt competition, got her period while a guy was going down on her and told him to keep going…and her drunk skank ass owes me money for a taxi she got home with myself and a few friends at a pub crawl…the last time i saw her she was puking in a push before a law exam…which im pretty sure she failed

  10. championhustler, way to prove our point… Everybody can stop asking the same question now.

  11. a quick squiz on zooweekly’s website offers up some shots of ‘STRIP SEARCH: REBECCA, 18’ – it’s a regular feature they do where they pull up a mildy attractive girl on the street and offer her a fifty and a six-pack (or something) if she’ll let them take some photos as she strips down to her undies. top shelf stuff, you see. if this is the same rebecca she does strike me as the type who would spew in a bush before a law exam. i can’t think of anyone who filled this role when i completed my own LLB so it must have been me… shit.

  12. brybry, just sussed that out. that is not the beccy d that posted these! i wouldn’t be surprised if the zoo model thing is a lie. not sure why someone would want to lie about that, but whatever!

  13. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    @ anotherllama

    Can you send me one so I can “judge” the worthiness of this so-called men’s magazine?

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