Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everybody Wins!

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  1. 1st? ben? stever?

  2. thanks to Ian, I learned a new word today! Woohoo! Who knew that actually had a term? 0.o

    oh…and Shaina makes a valid point.

  3. Is it wrong to hope that Aaron is indeed mentally retarded and that Randy operates at a pretty high level of meanness?

  4. MsBuzzkillington

    Shaina was almost clever, but then she failed.

  5. oh. no.

  6. @MsK: ‘splanation please? Some optimal vs optimum usage rule I don’t know about?

  7. Holy shit on a shishkabob!

  8. Shaina’s is an old, but funny joke. Mitch made me chuckle.

  9. inb4 rant about the improper use of an ellipsis

  10. glitterandtrauma

    I’m sure lamebook have given this the wrong title? Because clearly not everybody wins, If any of them do is debatable.

  11. My registration continues.

  12. haha oh shake weights……

    i liked these ones.

  13. haha oh woman hating…

    i like doing it.

  14. I prefer kindergartens, because it’s so much easier to get my choo-choo into the station. School zones require me to be stealthy about derailing a caboose with my engine.

  15. It must be sleep deprivation, but the first one amused me.

    But Soup, you aroused me – or should I say, roused me from my lethargic trance. Much thanks is being sent your way for that.

  16. Shaina has a valid point. I think she would have a good career in a Planning Commission.
    Serge was hilarious. So was Randy.
    A good post after a long time.
    Mitch must have a very boring life as a cashier in Walgreens.

  17. using shake weights is a surefire way to turn your soul over to the devil.

  18. What is a shake weight? Please excuse my ignorance…

  19. lol

  20. ringoo are you malteaser back from the dead?

  21. winners all, but special awards to Mitch, Randy, and Serge

  22. “I’d say she is shitting towards a fan…”
    I am SO USING THAT! Haha, my mates don’t realise how many combacks I ‘borrow’ off lamebook 😛

    An interesting blog about our planet:

  23. *comebacks

  24. @Potato…see this link to learn about the shake weight (no worries, this isn’t a lemonparty type link)

    I LOL’d heartily at Randy’s comment….I know I shouldn’t have, but I totally did! Also, Mitch’s comment was pretty awesome too.

  25. If I had two more cups of coffee in me, I may have LOL’d to these. Still funny, specially the school zone, the fan, and the shake weight. Bahaha.

  26. Mitch is the person I fear. I am always buying odd couplings of items. The bf wanted to see Avatar, so I ran to the store and grabbed it with 2 minutes till closing – halfway to the register I remembered I really needed something else too. The look on that little 16 year old girl’s face was all I needed as confirmation that buying the Avatar DVD and strawberry flavored lube at 10:59p did *not* look good.

    Whatever. I had a BLAST. 😉

  27. Serge and Mitch win the day for me. Absoulutely brilliant.

  28. Shaina’s status is most definitely a Daniel Tosh quote!

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