Monday, January 30, 2012


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  1. If your shit looked like that it would have to be the result of Pikachu ejaculating into your anus.

  2. Spoken from experience?

  3. I hab ze zame birds craps on mein automobil

  4. No. I was joking, Pikachu isn’t even real. usosilly

  5. Really Lamebook? Posting a screencap of your own Facebook post? That’s retarded.

  6. yeah that is retarded wtf is that lamebook?
    and where’s my submission? its way better than any of this crap

  7. lamebook got too lame wtf!

  8. I submitted a post a while back about my friend receiving a really big blue bra instead of his triathlon shirt that he ordered, just one day before his race. It was better than nearly everything I’ve seen on here since. Did it make it? Nope.

  9. I’m certainly not here to defend lamebook, beatusmongous…but getting a bra in the mail sounds…supremely unfunny. Unless you’re ten.

  10. His whining was funny, and so were the responses making fun of him.

  11. I guess you had to be there…

  12. whining on facebook? How did that not make it to the top of the queue? Were there spelling errors too?

  13. being displayed on that hideous floral clusterfuck of a doona makes ‘nacho mountain’ look even more like a steaming pile of excrement. But I can’t think of anywhere that it wouldn’t look like a steaming pile of excrement.

  14. Pun intended, slappy?

  15. how about taco bell? it would fit right in with that crap

  16. yes tiny. sarcasm win. you can have my babies anyday. or i can have yours, depending on what sex you are :/

  17. Ummmm Peter, don’t you even know what sex you are….?

  18. I have an inkling, but maybe I swing all three ways.

  19. ^good for you Peter. Fuck their narrow-minded labels.

  20. Care to explain how swinging all three ways is going to allow you to have someone’s babies if you’re not actually a girl?

  21. this is the internet. jump to some fucking conclusions already.

  22. ^Like you always do? No thanks

  23. More to the point this is the 22nd century. Get an open mind, some lube and some forceps already.

  24. The 22nd century? Jaysus!!

  25. Have some flex. The bible is not noted for it’s accuracy.

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