Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stripped Down

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  1. Let me do the honor.


  2. Sounds like Jaimie has a great husband. I would love if my boyfriend bought me a stripper pole. Nothing lame about that in my opiion.

  3. chimmy if u ain’t a guy, you could use me as a pole…

  4. How did Amber miss out on the second part of Jamaca’s post? Even I worked out what the Coyote was.

  5. I am about 92% sure Jamaca is a guy. So I am guessing he has magical man boobs. How else could he breast fed a stripper?

  6. Stripper pole for mother’s day.


  7. Jamaca must not have many friends on FB if only one of them commented on that. Ten hours later.

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