Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Exemplary Affection

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  1. ben!

  2. Crap, I could be one of the first and I have nothing to say.
    except that these are pretty lame.

  3. lamebook has gotten lame and not in a good way 🙁

  4. I think a castration is in order for Scott… *terrible sounds of a cleaver being sharpened on a steel*

  5. Did Christopher the Baby tell to his parents that he intends to become heterosexual?

  6. screw you all. i was supposed to be first

  7. It would be funny if cris turns out to be gay

  8. HA scott for the win

  9. caralee42, my point exactly

    Political views: i dont know im just a baby
    Religious views: i dont know im just a baby
    Sexual orientation: WHOA! why u ask im just a baby, hetero of course!!

  10. Wow, only a baby and he already knows he’s straight. That’s impressive.

  11. his parents are probably homophobes

  12. If find this very normal indeed.

  13. Why assume he’s interested in women for sexual reasons? He’s just hungry.

  14. relationship status: it’s complicated

    I thought that hot young chick down the corridor was into me… I mean she totally blinked when I was passing her, but then outta nowhere she started screaming and crying :/
    Now she says she wants to take it slow….

  15. junebug cracks me up ..

  16. the baby could very well feel is straight now. I used to feel I was straight…or at least bi. And then I realized that it was just a phase I was going through.

  17. I like scott, prick that he is 🙂

  18. Thanks, mass 🙂

    ….unless you’re being sarcastic, in which case just pretend I never said anything.

  19. Baby girls get shit in their own vaginas. The only disabling part of daughters is what they do to my finances. A tiny poopy snatch is like the Honus Wagner card to the deviant community.

  20. Why is everybody getting so uptight about the parents assuming their baby boy will be straight? It’s still the more natural and frequent sexual orientation you know, it doesn’t make them homophobes.

    Anyway, I’ll have to consult fargis on this, but I’m pretty sure homosexuality is sinful and merits eternal condemnation to the magma pits of hell with the Fallen One. Bah, I’m sure he’ll express it way better than that 😛

  21. Growing up in Townsville, his parents will probably beat him up if he doesn’t turn out straight. Because that’s the relevant argument here.

  22. Fuck interactive adverts! Fuck your stupid little moving adverts blaring their stupid sound out when I’m not expecting it, with no fucking pause or mute button. Do you think ANNOYING me will make me buy your product? Because it won’t. If I hadn’t been so pissed off and desperate to shut your stupid advert off, I’d have actually noticed what shitty product you were trying to force into my subconcious and made a mental note to always buy three times as much of your competitors products whenever I need any.

  23. @BritishHobo Congratulations! You won!

    That’s what the unasked for ads usually say to me.

  24. I’m normally one of those people who never posts anything, but I had to join just to comment on BritishHobo…

    If I hear about that douchnozzle’s stupid football shirt one more time I will drive my car into an oil depot.

    What were you thinking Lamebook… STOP IT NOW

  25. um guys… just download an adblock addon for you browser…

  26. @makster dan_fargis is gone…

    and i love having this on my ipod 🙂 no adds at all 🙂

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