Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Shares That Scare…

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  1. slicingupeyeballs

    First one’s lameness depends entirely upon who Seth is.
    and Holly, I think you are such a slut these days because you are, in fact, just a slut…


  3. What a proud mom of two boy babies whom know how to manipulate their foreskin. Oh well, at least she was not stupid enough to circumcise them…

  4. Really? This was posted at least 6 hours ago and I’m still 3rd? Where is everyone? I feel like I should say something offensive just to get people going on here. Where’s Dan_Fargis when you need him?

    I’m going with Holly is 15 now. And most likely Mexican with huge boobs and worships the devil.

  5. Sorry I took a couple of days of to compete in the German National Show Fisting Challenge.

  6. #4 maybe it’s because these seem to be frapes- esp Brian and Holly

  7. That is a massive coincidence!!

    It was only yesterday that I learnt how to pull back a young boys’ foreskin…. Roughly whilst swearing in case you’re wondering.

  8. Brian was the best LOL

  9. holly keeps it fucking real

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