Thursday, January 5, 2012


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  1. Wait… Boxes of rocks aren’t legit presents?!

  2. fu ash(ass)whole

  3. jp;e

  4. wtf!

  5. That’s sad. Those poor kids.

  6. Sounds like two people I know, except it’s the mom that’s the good one and the dad that’s the dick.

  7. I wonder where is she going Tuesday.

  8. Wow Ashleigh is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever heard of! How could anyone still be friends with her after that information was released publicly?

  9. They both sound like dicks for making it so public on facebook, shit, is it so hard to retain just a shred of dignity and talk to each other like human fucking beings and cut out facebook completely? Fucking jokes the both of them.

  10. ^
    The guy actually seems like a pretty honest and reliable person, he just was unlucky enough to impregnate some fucking batshit crazy selfish bitch.

  11. AnnieTheIncredible

    agreed that they’re both morons for airing this stuff on facebook, but adam’s complaints seem stupid too. A gag christmas gift is no big deal granted there’s a real one as well and the amount of child support that men generally need to pay is nothing compared to the amount of financial support that a child needs… let alone two kids. He was probably paying not nearly as much as the kids need to begin with and then to cut back on the support just makes things worse. Admittedly, Ashleigh was probably too dumb to realize that his cutback would cause problems and should never have agreed to it, but she did and the kids still need shoes…definitely an unfortunate situation for the kids though.

  12. This picture was taken 2 seconds after Adam posted that. Adam (and possibly Ashleigh) must’ve done this with the intention of posting it online

  13. Adam is probably a pussy and deleted his comment straight after posting / screen-printing it.

  14. Adam bored her to death. Also she slept with his friends.

  15. They’re both irritating, whining knobheads who should never have been allowed to breed. And I suspect that they are both lying their arses off.

  16. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I’m going to try that next year. I’m going to give my nephew a Playstation 3 box full of rocks.

    Also first impressions; if I were a woman and married to Adam, I’d cheat on him too.

  17. I don’t care how wrong it i to air dirty laundry on face book. She must be one hell of a shitty mom to give her children rock on Chritmas!

  18. *s

  19. **Warning! Recycled joke ahead!**

    I got a box of broken glass for Christmas, and my sister got a box of Band-Aids. My dad said, “You two, share.”

  20. I wish I had an ex that gave a shit enough to pay some damn child support. All he has to pay is $99 a month for 2 kids (so I can claim them every year on my taxes) and you know what? That’s something.

    And as far as the rocks as presents go, for a teenager, that’s funny. But for little kids who get told “If you misbehave, Santa doesn’t bring you gifts.” It’s not so funny. Give a 6 year old a box of rocks, and tell them it’s from Santa and see what happens. It’s actually pretty cruel.

    Now, compared to what my ex did to my kids, that’s nothing. He spent 4 months telling them about how they were going to be in his wedding and this new family BS and shoved it down their throats only to run off with his NEW kids and get married with out them and than brag about it to everyone.

  21. Beatus, not heard that one before, it had me in creases!!! 😀

  22. jesus fucking christ, karaisoke, you needy bitch. Save some bitching for facebook. Lamebook needs you for submissions, not for your fucking life history of misery in the comments sections.

  23. ^^ You couldda summed it up with that final word..

  24. Can’t agree more MsAnne!

  25. First off, this shit doesn’t go on my Facebook. I was just contributing to the actual discussion in the comments here.

    But being a cunt like you fuckers works too.

  26. @AnnieTheIncredible It saddens me that people like you exist that feel that the father should pay for every single cent of a childs living costs.

    This poor guy only sees his boys every other weekend & yet he has to pay for the privilege to NOT see them the rest of the time. This woman has taken the responsibility of having the children full time so she needs to take all that comes with it, which includes the bills.

    It makes me so mad when good fathers are paying obscene amounts of money to an ex who works full time AND has a partner sharing the costs. I’m not saying that absent fathers should not contribute but I don’t think they need to be fleeced.

    I have had custody of my 12 year old daughter for 4 years now and have not attempted to extract a single cent from my ex. Why? Because I wanted the responsibility & I have accepted everything that comes with it.

    Previous to this I was made to pay an amount that easily covered food, clothing & education for my daughter despite the fact that my ex was in a relationship and made her own money.

    I think people like you need to wake up and think how things are on both sides of the fence.

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