Monday, June 18, 2012

Extra Security

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  2. T1000 for the win!! Fake!

  3. If Jack didn’t have such a little willy he wouldn’t have been scared.

  4. It took him 5 seconds to not undo his fly?

  5. feeling your pain, jack, feeling your pain.

    too many concerts in my yoof has left me with, umm…less than perfect hearing. heavy accents never fail to completely fucking floor me.

  6. I figured a man with an accent had an easier time bedding you, but if you prefer the floor, who am I to argue?

  7. why would you figure any of that?

  8. ^ I’m with beatus. I would think that a foreigner would have a better chance with you than the local flayva would. I mean, no offence to any of you Aussies (except SLG. Oh, and damagecontrol), but Australian men as a whole leave a lot to be desired.

    Gentlemen, if you can not be a great conversationalist or an uproariously witty comedian, please find something else to do with your tongue.

  9. You know, I blame football for the reason men are all fucked up.
    They are trained from early childhood that the alpha males are the physically stronger ones i.e. – best at sport.
    Sadly, there is only room at this perceived ‘top’ for only a very few. The rest all get massive inferiority complexes that they spend the next x decades struggling to contextualize.
    You like football, don’t you, Bacchante?

  10. Hah! I see what you did there ^

    I have seen one full AFL match on TV in my life and I watch Game 3 of State of Origin most years. That’s about as deep as my football loyalty runs.

  11. you’re either actively working against it, or you’re just another dupe. why, when I see kids playing football in the park, I puncture their balls and give them a stern lecture.
    I really think they respect me for it.

  12. Anne, next time you see kids in a park, kindly have no interaction with their balls please. They have rights too you know.

  13. ^thanks for utterly ruining the thread, bitchface.

  14. ^ it was ruined once you started typing your rant. move out of your country if you’re always this bitter of it.

  15. ^oh, that’s just fucking perfect.
    who left the basement door open? flamsie’s gotten out again.

  16. Ugh what’s that unearthly smell, and who do these enormous footprints belong to leading up to th… Oh hello Anne!

  17. ^awww. it’s trying to join in. how futile <3

  18. Join in? Is that how I came across? Oh no Anne I wouldn’t fancy that, you see I would be afraid of catching something contagious, or perhaps being kidnapped and gangraped by your inbred family. No, I wont be joining in this time. Have fun sucking your brother’s dick!

  19. ^does the thought of that make you hard?

  20. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    In don’t mind admitting, I managed a lazy semi.

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