Monday, June 18, 2012

Week Starting Wins

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  1. Adam is fake.

  2. T1000 is really a human. (Who lives with his “roommates”)

  3. Boobies 🙂

  4. No commentator on the second one?

  5. #1. Virgin
    #2. Soon to be burns victim
    #3. Tampon

  6. I enjoyed number three. I don’t even care if it’s fake!

  7. #3, Adam;- so, if I give you a rollerskate, cunt, will you plug your leaking orifice up?

  8. AnneThrope, if I get 10 guys to stuff their cocks down your throat, will you shut the fuck up for the rest of eternity?

  9. ^ you could get your tiny, sweaty cock out of your hand long enough to say something that is not simply completely fucking reactionary and I’d be impressed.
    But you don’t even know what i’m even talking about, do you, you fucking empty vessel?

  10. Firstly, you of all people cannot criticise others for being reactionary, as that is your trademark. Furthermore you are incorrect – instead of being ‘reactionary’ I was in fact degrading my language to a tone you are more familiar with, as you appear confused by standard conversation etiquette.

    To conclude, no I do not know what you’re even talking about, but I don’t think that suggests that I’m an ”empty vessel”, rather that your education of language and socialising is severely suppressed, possibly due to a series of childhood trauma’s. Maybe that also explains your obsession with genitals?

  11. Like I said in another thread, I love it when people try to prove their intellectual superiority…

    …and then fuck it up with something stupid.

  12. ^ Right? You read my mind, beatus.

    @10 (or Evilcow?):
    * Furthermore,
    * ; (in place of ‘-‘)
    * “reactionary,”
    * “vessel,”
    * traumas

    I just want you to be able to eloquently and properly show your obvious and superior edumacation when you’re trying to look all smart and whatnot. ‘K? You’re welcome.

  13. Thank you for that information Nails, I’ll remember all that for next time!

    Sadly for your ego though, I have no interest in how people spell or punctuate in these comments, I was simply delivering the Karma that MsAnneThrope has so earnestly warranted following her regular bursts of abuse.

    But while we’re teaching each other English, did you know that MsAnneThrope’s name is a play on words? Look up ‘misanthrope’ in your favourite dictionary. This is known as a ‘homological’ word, isn’t that exciting!

    Now I’ll understand if you’re exhausted after all this learning, but should you ever want another fun fact to show off to your friends, don’t hesitate to ask!

  14. ^top notch karma, fuckhead.

  15. Why thank you Anne! *blushes*

  16. #13, Really? I’ve never noticed it before! What a shock! *shock*

    (I don’t know if the shock face works…)

  17. when I get married, I’m changing my name to Anne Narky.
    betcha your mind is completely fucking blown now.

  18. @beatus; You seem to be confused, my mesage was addressed to Nails, not yourself. But you are more than welcome to request fun facts to amaze your friends with too!

    @Anne; Surely when (not likely) you marry, your husband/wife/blow-up doll will have a say in whose name you take, no?

  19. ^ Not likely, Herp. Do you understand nothing about MsAnne? It’s her name, after all, not her husband’s.

    More probable is that her husband will change his name to Guy Narky when they wed (gynarchy, for the slow folk).

  20. ^!
    I’m having the papers drawn up right fucking now.

  21. 13: You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. Are you really THAT full of yourself that you think no one else ever in the history of Lamebook ever realized the misanthrope part of MsAnne’s name? And did you actually need to look up the definition of misanthrope? Like, as in you didn’t already know it? Hm. Amusing.

    After skimming through your other posts with MsAnne, et al., I came to realize something: you are an attention-starved cunt – desperate to show and claim your worth to the (Internet-)world. You spend your time looking up big words, because you’re one of those clowns that think that actually makes you seem smart.

    Well, you don’t sound smart. You sound like a complete tool (wanna look that one up?).
    But alas, my quandary: I love seeing MsAnne make you look like even more of a tool, so do please keep responding and trolling!? It’s actually fun!
    Now Evilcow? Fuck that bitch.

  22. @Herp, it’s called sarcasm. I bathe in the stuff. This is also a forum, not a two-way conversation, so get used to interruptions.

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