Monday, June 18, 2012

Filling Up on Gas

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  1. if only one person “likes” your status…do you REALLY think it’s lamebook worthy…?

  2. I don’t know… It seemed pretty worthy to me. “Causing my ass hams to thunderously clap together…” Sheer poetry!

  3. Talk about never getting laid….

  4. It could rival a Ricer’s subwoofer. Brilliant!

  5. If I were the attendant, and I had just witnessed the mighty trump powerful enough to make gods fear, I think I’d keep the two dollars. That said, the attendant must be quite a strong woman to be able to handle that.

  6. Looks like a disgusting little man.

  7. I’m with footloose on this one. Just pathetic Patrick. Another fat American fuck that thinks he’s a comedian.

  8. The real story is probably closer to “I farted at the gas station and it was quite embarrassing” but on the drive home he thought up the rest to make himself feel better.

  9. Lots of vocabulary barely made this story better

  10. renketsuwarrior

    What a fucking penis.

  11. really? a fart joke that goes on for that long? how does someone who thinks this is funny actually know that many words?

  12. ۸ I actually love this observation

  13. oh, for crap’s sakes, don’t encourage my bullshit.
    the mouthbreathers ’round here have been known to go fucking mental on less than that, you know.

  14. ….even when it’s this apt??

  15. sadly, especially when it’s this apt.

    I makes the feeble-minded among us feel insecure.

  16. right, flamsie?

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