Thursday, January 30, 2014

Too Soon, Hitler. Too soon.

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  2. they cut the gas like they cut steever’s dick.

  3. Just awkward, Lame, and offensive. Must be fake.

  4. I’m already digesting dangos baby forty the fun of it.

  5. Hey you write this, I’ll reply with that… then we’ll submit it to Lamebook!
    Fuck off you grubs I’m trying to read the spammers article to make serious cashola and I’m expected to comment on this crap.
    Fuck Hitler.

  6. Really wish I could like Stvr right now. Really, too offensive for lamebook is a real thing? Really? One more time. I will celebrate not being Stvr tonight…..

  7. ok, that’s it! I will open a new email account so I can continue to be as lame as Stvr’s slotted Dane

  8. you will do whatever i tell you to do

  9. My nipples are hard. Are you internet rich with a yacht, internet style?

  10. Oye, ¿qué es para el almuerzo?

  11. Why cut off Steever’s dick when there was nothing to cut off in the first place? And Steever, if you’re the new dictator, are you gonna kill yourself too? Take Bieber and “Mayor” Ford with you! You’ll make all of us Canadians happy.

  12. I ruled over Canada once, then got bored. It was the fried chicken I missed.

  13. The Beast Among Us

    #10 – Salchicha con huevo for you.

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  16. Why the fuck do you guys keep talking about Steeevers penis? Isn’t it enough for you, that all the time, your sisters are talking about how they love mine?

  17. Careful now, most of our sisters can and will kick your ass.

  18. They may even rape you, potentially with Stvr’s dick, for spite of rape jokes.

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  20. The Beast Among Us

    15 comments, and the only two in which Dane shows interest are the ones involving Steeeever’s penis. I find that rather interesting…

  21. BorderlineDane

    didn´t cut the gasline..they shared amphetamine and cyanide with all

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