Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Extra Winergy!

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  2. Is Chatroulette still a thing? Or have we all accepted that it’s just guys jerking off to other guys who are also jerking off?

  3. I thought it was guys jerking off to people in Guy Fawkes masks.

  4. Who gives even an eighth of a shit about justin’s video?

  5. Fuck Chatroullette. They left me scared for life.

  6. Fucking cheeseheads…

  7. Wow, this really wouldn’t work well if the person were female. The encouragement would be a lot different…

  8. @justin3santiago…”scared for life”? tsk.

  9. Actually, maybe ‘scared’ also works. Of course, I didn’t watch the video, so who knows.

  10. So this guy gets his motivation from people shouting ‘pussy’ at him? Why is this a win? He sounds like a twat….

  11. We could be helpful to him, if only LB had forgotten to blur the name…

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