Monday, July 23, 2012

Rob Rules

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  1. Joe is fake

  2. Who the fuck is Joe?

  3. They should have just covered up the statue for ten or so years.

  4. Fuck You! I don’t get it 😐

  5. Turd wins.

  6. @4 Let me walk you through it. Turd is referring to Joe P. covering up the scandal for ten years, Stubby hasn’t looked at the news for 6 months, T1000 wears a helmet 24 hours a day and the OP is saying you’re quiet in a library like Joe P. was quiet about scandal.

  7. They should also remove all statues of John Paul II everywhere in the world.

  8. Helmets are fake

  9. No. 6, I’m assuming you forgot to put that you then flew away.

  10. Gonzo? Big muppet fan or you only truly feel alive when a man’s hand is up your ass?

  11. ^can’t it be both?

  12. Aye, Franky, I believe it can. And is.

  13. Turd was funny, and so was rightbrain with the hand-up-the-ass line. Good stuff. Keep it up people. Amuse me, or be beheaded.

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