Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eye of the Tiger

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  1. …and then you woke up and realized it was just the LSD.

  2. As dicky as it may be, I call fake on this post. When somebody denies that it’s fake before or after their story, it’s fake alright.

  3. If you keep nodding to street-musicians, especially (wannabe-)scotish ones, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  4. If you’ve ever ran,or played a tuba, you’d know you can’t do both at once without busting your teeth out! FAKE!

  5. Boring, fake and unimaginable. Move along guys nothingto see here

  6. Steever is correct.

  7. Was it a Tuba, or a Sousaphone?

  8. It does raise the question though… What is the difference between a “you’re doing alright on the tuba” nod and a “come run with me” nod.

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