Tuesday, February 7, 2012


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  1. Showing idiots exist both sides of the pond

  2. And the rest of the world.

  3. I love it when people don’t realize they’re being made fun of. Brightens my day every time.

  4. Toby seems like an idiot, too.

  5. ^you seem like an idiot

  6. Forgive me for being an English speaker here, but is there an actual conversation taking place? I am getting something about “draws,” which I assume means “drawers,” but what the hell are they talking about?

  7. Someone is confusing a PC with a piece of furniture?

  8. yes. someone is confusing a PC with a piece of furniture. But look at her name – what did you expect?

  9. Biggest facepalm in existence? Not even close.

    I imagine the facepalm action during The Charge of the Light Brigade was pretty fucking epic. (and no, I’m not going to retract my use of the word “epic”, because my use is correct and it’s all of the wannabe hipsters that are wrong)

  10. the birth of Bacchante was the biggest facepalm in existence..

  11. Erm, sure, trippinnn. I guess that sounded better in your head before you committed it to the internet, right?

  12. the birth of steeever is a close second.

  13. ehhh, I knew it wasnt funny from the start.. but I still think it was worth typing. No hard feelings bacchante.

  14. Okay then. I’m mollified…for now.

  15. I like Liam

  16. I like your mom ^

  17. ^I like both your moms.. same time. mhmmmm, ooohhhh yeaaaa!

  18. my mom is hott..but you keep away from Hawkbits mom, I seen her firstz

  19. I will have you, your mom, Hawkbits mom, and Hawkbit.. Quadruple bukkake!!!

  20. Bukkake..of course..why didn’t I think of that??

  21. Notsofast, Hawkbit, and both of their moms are going to Bukkake on Trippinnn? Um, okay…

  22. Bachante, hit refresh once more, someone might have acknowledged you.

  23. Yeah Bachante, hit refresh once more, someone might have acknowledged you.
    And not in a shiteating way like flames did, but in a really groovy and infinitely better way.

  24. Aww, Flames, not getting enough attention at home?
    Introduce some motherfucking relevance to your statement, or shut your flapping cockhole.

  25. flapping cockhole indeed..

  26. I heart Bacchante more and more err’day!

  27. I like it when people don’t know what epic means

  28. I’m willing to bet you like buku bukkake too! Followed by some hardcore fisting 😀

  29. I think my momis a little advanced for you; notsofast

  30. wow, great go to insult there. i like how you redirected that at me, and then went off on a tangent not relatable to me typing, since my flapping cockhole, can’t type. well not good anyways

  31. ^ Are you drunk all of the time, or just friggin’ stupid?
    If the former, way to go! If the latter, not sure if pity or scorn is winning out for me.

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