Monday, September 24, 2012

Fail Championships

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  1. SMH at the last one…

  2. Oh god.. the rage at #3.. THE RAGE…

  3. Stupid fucking idiots! I wonder where they’re from..

  4. I hope at least they are pretty.

  5. I actually love the fuckedupedness of the last one.

  6. Wouldn’t it actually read 60:60 if you kept pressing 60?

  7. Who told that poor, defenceless idiot that Norway isn’t a country? People can be so cruel.

  8. #3 really is stupid…and I’ve gotten most of my ranting out today…oddly enough some microwaves ARE funny with their times…but I doubt theirs is one of them….I’ve seen an older model where 100 was literally 100 seconds and so on, not a minute and 120 seconds was 2 minutes it was 120 seconds, for two minutes you had to type 200….but it was only that microwave, and it was…oh fuck, never mind….That person is just an idiot….So before you silly goofballs try to jump my shit I’m…well I was, trying to instigate an argument with some random tool, but you guys are too smart for that…Lamebook needs some new blood, and it’s only Monday night here….come on weekend! Man, if someone still falls for this after me admitting that because this was too long to read….please…stone the son of a bitch for me cause I’m going to bed early tonight…

  9. Ni night, Capn. It’s Tuesday afternoon here, and I’m about to clock off from work.
    Holidays, baby!! Chat to you next week.

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  11. I have no country. I cri evertim.

  12. Hi, this is the person who had the status about geography, just wanted to clear one eensy thing I realized later, I meant Normandie, not Norway. As for the rest.. Yeah, shame.

  13. Shame on you for spelling Normandy incorrectly…


  14. Not if you spell it in French!

  15. what would the bloody french know about normandee? fucking nuffink, that’s what.
    only THE INTERNET knows.

  16. fagg

  17. Normandie(y) is in France, as am I

  18. ^ Is that why your box is blue?

  19. blue is the colour of arrogance.

  20. Blue is the colour of the doctors TARDIS

  21. Blue is also the color of your waffle.

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