Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet Scabbard

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  1. Knowing Aussie girls, I’m picking it wouldn’t be unuisil for Julia to turn up and go all night with sex tiger eye greasy top porn star Scabbard.
    Ting Ting!

  2. Every time I read “Ting ting”, I pictured him looking down to his tiny penis, and playing with it like kids play with string door stoppers.

  3. spring* dammit!

  4. If ‘Ting Ting’ is sex is ‘Ting Tang’ anal?

  5. Ting Tong. I can’t shake Little Britain now, and I’d truly hoped I’d forgotten that horrific cast of nightmares.

  6. @1 how many Aussie girls do you know?

    Thanks Ms, I hadn’t made the little Brit connection, and now you’ve fucked up what I originally thought was quite funny.. I’ve had to read it in a Dutch accent to compensate.. thankfully that did the trick

  7. This Aussie girl would be blocking that creeper asap.

  8. scabbard. scabby for short?

  9. isn’t a scabbard something a sword comes in?

  10. All I could think of when I saw the guy’s name was “Huh, who knew Ron Weasley’s rat was such a perv?”

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  12. ^you fucking lying sack of shit. it was $82 an hour in that other thread.

  13. Omg. My name is julia…excuse me, I need to go wash my hands like a billion times. Ew.

  14. MsAnne, you gotta take the baragains as they present themselves. You missed out, just take the rolls with the punches… possibly literally, I don’t know what type of porn they’re offering..?

  15. So which one of you lovely Aussie women is Scabbard stalking? Thanks for sharing.

  16. anyone who downvoted my comment…i didn’t make it clear that it’s because apparently the person this guy is messaging is also named Julia. *shudder*

  17. ^

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