Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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  1. Submitting posts you commented on. Classic.

  2. Prt Scr fail

  3. You mean print screens aren’t just photographs of monitors?

  4. My waitress said that

  5. I actually got that same message the other day. It never occured to me to grab my camera.. damn it! My chance to be lamebook famous, and I blow it! Shit!

  6. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    It’s still not as good as the message I used to get on some software I used at a previous job; “Some sort of error has occurred.” Well thanks for being specific.

  7. The only thing that could redeem this is if, when jennifer hit ‘Okay’ that her monitor exploded and took out her whole family in a deadly hail of coltan-infused shrapnel.

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