Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unprotected Freedom

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  1. Free condom/first comment!!!

  2. vaginalroundhouse

    It’s a trap! Wait well the sperm won’t be trapped! Oh no, she has babies on her mind! Run!

  3. Oh yeah, and the people who fall for this are “really” the ones we need reproducing.

  4. Pretty good joke. It would make me laugh if I saw that pinned up on a board.

  5. Its nice that whoever pinned it on the board stuck the pin right thru the condom itself…better off not even using one now.

  6. umm gin, im pretty sure that was the point for the joke. try to keep up kid.

  7. ^ yeah, we know….

  8. From my personal experience, this seems to be a spermicide condom. All hope might not be lost for the eager positive risk taker.

  9. Codename Dutchess

    Yeah ok, like a French Canadian would use a condom anyway…

  10. There’s no Canada like French Canada

  11. Uh, no, you would not be better off not using a condom at all. This thing may not be trustworthy, but it’s still safer than nothing at all.

  12. @11 yea bro. STD’s…

  13. A condom with a hole would most likely just rip apart with the friction and whatnot…

  14. Not necessarily, velocirrober. You gotta get her wet first.

  15. “Yeah ok, like a French Canadian would use a condom anyway…”

    Yeah ok, like anyone would want to have sex with a french canadian

  16. Really

  17. #5 ya think?!

  18. Capt. Obvious has really been putting some work in on this page, I see…

  19. @14 , yes.

  20. ^lol

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