Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fam Jam

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  1. my mom is such a milf

  2. No, Jennifer, I don’t know that awkward moment. My mom wanted me.

  3. Sympathies to Jennifer. My grandfather, the greatest guy I ever knew, offered to pay for an abortion when my mom got knocked up. Luckily she declined 🙂 and Grandpa definitely made up for it by making me the luckiest grandson EVER.

  4. granted this is the lamebook comment session and serious posts aren’t acceptable 😀

  5. Beverly: Jersey grandma in a nutshell.

  6. ninja grannies from pluto

  7. Beverly would mess some shit up. For reals.

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    if they showed a picture of Christine, some of us might want to love her too.

    In other news, hey Slim.

  9. 1. Lies. There isn’t a single person alive who doesn’t know what milf means.
    2. Terrifying. the thought of getting beaten by an illiterate granny gives me cold sweats.
    3. Awkward? It isn’t too late, jennifer.

  10. Ass kicking grannies. Sounds like a porno to me.

  11. #1: about as fake you can get.

  12. vaginalroundhouse

    I just took a shit and the turds looked like brussel sprouts.

  13. Your mother made a mistake, Jennifer. Anyone who uses that trite beginning sentence “That awkward moment when…” needs to be aborted retroactively.

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