Saturday, August 25, 2012

Family Matters

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  1. 1st

  2. sucka

  3. Ed, if you were my grandfather, I would be ashamed that you failed at simple spelling and punctuation. You’d be blocked by now.

  4. Caramel doesn’t even sound close to kama.

  5. ^You’re absolutely right. They should have created Llama Sutra
    because everyone loves pachyderm on their frozen desserts. Are you Lacey’s mother?

  6. no. Ed is right. his granddaughter cannot draw for shit.
    where are the regulation 3 pubes that must be included on all poorly-rendered penises? kid’s a fucking embarrassment.

  7. children’s drawings are bad

  8. Yeah Ed, because you never doodled a penis when you were a kid then showed it to your friends for a laugh.

  9. #4: I think in the states they pronounce it ‘car-mel’ rather than ‘ca-ra-mel’… which I suppose sounds a little more like kama.

  10. zxcymn, bluhevs….what the fuck is ‘kama‘?

  11. oh. hah. nevermind. I was thinking ‘karma’ because is was more fitting.
    it’s all good. keep calm and carry on.

  12. Yes Lacey, you’re absolutely right. What if your parents found out it alludes to sex? How AWKWARD :O !!!
    I mean, it is interesting how kids think their parents have no sexlife and know nothing about sex, like they aren’t themselves the living proof of the opposite.
    Who is the prude in this family? “just had to walk away and remove myself from that awkward bomb about to fall”.
    LOVE the irony in this post.

  13. @1 I can actually hear the booing. I gave you the lone thumbs-up. It was pretty damn ballsy of you to be so unimaginative and then be so proud of it. I look forward to seeing future posts. I think you got real potential, kid.

  14. MsAnne: Yes, I very nearly found myself picking on zxcymn for that one, til I thought about it.

  15. thinking is for the weak.

  16. drinking is for the weekend.

  17. ^ You’re not the boss of me. Drinking is for EVERY day!

  18. ^oh yeah, I forgot.

  19. Korsakoff’s syndrome?


  20. Twats. All twats.

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