Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family Tied





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  1. And this is why Colleen started locking her bedroom door at night to protect her from her Oedipal son.

    And Kadison? Wtf kind of moniker is that?!

  2. Oh, by the way first. This instantly makes me feel so much cooler, smarter, hotter and validated in every way. Really.

  3. I have to wonder why every time a mother writes on facebook, they sign it off, ‘-Mom.’

  4. thank you aunty sue.

  5. Thanks Sally for signing it off with “-Mom”
    I’m sure your son wouldn’t have known it was you otherwise, or his friends.

  6. @Jelly – and dumber for not being able to count to one

  7. Sounds like Sally is a pretty shitty chaperone.

    And not to worry Kadison, if you keep tying your sense of your own maturity to alcohol, you’ll be a teenage alcoholic in no time.

  8. @JDPower
    Perhaps you’d like to look one post up from that comment. Yup, still me.

  9. sally’s just pissed because she’s the worst chaperone in the village.

  10. sally’s just pissed off because she was hoping to get a fingerbang from Jon herself.

    It’s all Oedipal all the time on lamebook today.

  11. I’m starting to think moms post comments just for the lulz.

  12. I’m wondering if this is why Uncle Timm hasn’t been around for 10 years: (From his FB Wall) Timm joined the group If you’re 11 and decide to put slutty pics up, don’t complain bout pedos.

  13. hahahaaa announcing you have an STD on facebook = major fail

  14. At the second pick: why the hell is that person in his contacts if he didn’t know him. He could have checked the profile before asking too.

    And can we list the things wrong in the last one?

  15. GrammaticalErrors

    Is his bro losing 5 bucks really that big of a win for Jon? it’s 5 bucks, seriously!

  16. Haha darren… that was pretty funny

    And really jon? Fingering a girl at a dance that your mom chaperoned? What is going on with teens today! Sally should beat his ass :p

  17. What kind of aunt calls her own niece a slut? Regardless of what my niece did, I would never use that kind of language towards her. What a classy lady. I’m not against foul language (for example, Auntie Sue is a cunt), but it just seems so trashy in this context.

  18. Oh and mistaphill, I think you missed the point. Oli most likely did not write that.

    I assumed Oli is short for Olivia or something, since men aren’t typically referred to as “sluts”.

  19. the-lonely-island

    Why doesnt mom answer the question?

  20. Sally(the failed Chaperone)has seriously miscalculated.

    Her son finger fucked a girl in public, his celebration of said masturbatory act is not likely to be done in private, bearing that in mind she’s a cunt.

  21. Am I missing something, or there a big trend towards giving your child a Facebook lecture instead taking responsibility as a parent (question mark).

    It is a pet peeve of mine that parents feel they need to be friends with their children, while they raise perfect little assholes in designer jeans.

  22. I smell oedipusism!

  23. NOTE TO PARENTS OF FACEBOOK MEMEBERS: eeewww eeewww eewww, stop commenting when they are discussing sex, partying, or pretty much anything close to that realm. yuck.

    If you are really concerned about some of the risky or socially unaceptable behaviors your kids are indulging in then for Pete’s sake PARENT them in person.

    Seems like some folks are more worried about leaving a “record” of their parenting attempts on FB than in actually accomplishing the goal of parenting.

  24. I’m going to agree with yaya here.

  25. @yaya-on the contrary; I think it makes for good amusement here on lamebook! It’s the kids that get me; do they not know their own mothers are their facebook friends? Shhhhhhh

  26. ‘Kadison’?!

    Are you serious?

  27. Kadison, before you drink, you need to learn to do things in moderation… and you obviously haven’t learned that about capitalization yet.

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