Thursday, February 25, 2010

Family Ties

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  1. @Bucky Fellini suck it

  2. Adam – pure class.

  3. @1 – idiot

  4. hahaha adam

  5. Pastor – what would God have to say about all this weird incest stuff going on?

    Dads like Jim K freak me out.

  6. Giggles to Adam.

  7. Seriously, Jim K is disgusting. And Emily T is an idiot.

  8. I don’t want to sound serious here but ,Polly has a point.

  9. last one wins…even if it does seem fake.

  10. Tracey wins.

  11. Adam is funny! Jim K is not!

  12. @Pastor – tell it to someone who cares…like your altarboy or your sister

  13. Desolation – she does indeed. Stupid ungrateful little shit.

  14. Agreed Desolation.

  15. Anyone knows how i can get to Sarah ?

  16. And can anybody care to explain to me what Hailey ment by :Mine is only one good decision after another

    I thought only guys took decicions with their third leg ?

  17. Ftw Adam!

  18. Tracey FTW

  19. I don’t know Father Sha, sometimes the good, good has a mind of it own too.

  20. lets join in the little love fest here

    Y’all FTW !

  21. And how does that work exactly eenerbl ? Do you have conversations with your vagina then ?

  22. Yes, there are times when a one on one is needed.

  23. Hailey’s vagina smells like good decisions. It smells like vanilla and summer rain (both good decisions for choices on moisturizer and douche scents).

    It also smells like a garden salad and Guinness (both good decisions on a light dinner and a beer for the game).

  24. Oh, and Bonnie is fat. As the saying goes, she’s got an ass that only a father could love (and dream about humping).

  25. ThinkingInPictures

    Emily T is a moron, or a 15-year-old… But that’s kinda redundant 😉 (for any of you 15-year-olds out there who will now try to call me out on how mature and non-moronic you are – that was a joke, note the winky face)

    Adam, on the other hand, made me giggle.

    and eenerbl is absolutely right, even the good good requires a good talking to once in a while… that’s why so many women find the “oh, guys can’t help it, we’re just wired differently” argument so hilarious.

  26. <3 Adam. I did not laugh till his input..

  27. What type of people who are “ready” and still logging in facebook?

  28. #1,

    Thanks for dedicating your firsties to me. I’m flattered. The love radiating from your post fills my heart with warmth and tenderness.


  29. I’ve lost the ability I never had to make funny comments, so I’ll just say… Adam’s was good.


  30. @Bucky Fellini – I have a name 🙂 but “#1” has a great ring to it coming from you, so carry on

  31. I love it when people post TFLN entries as their status updates and their rube-y friends think they’re real and reply to them. They all react to the words but never have anything to say about the area code, or in their case, the random string of numbers in front of said words.

  32. what’s TFLN?

  33. I think it’s Texts From Last Night – another site along the same lines as thins one…

  34. By which I mean *this one

  35. “Her vagina smelled like bad decisions”? What do bad decisions smell like (lmao @mcowles – amen to good(good) decision smells)! And unless it’s her own, how would Hailey know what another’s good-good smelled like unless she was putting in a little one-on-one time of her own?

    Only asking for information…

  36. At first I thought Sarah’s was ‘washed’ and naked and ready to go.. Which confused me slightly, meanwhile Emily is a tool (regardless of her age) who clearly cannot be trusted with her own house keys. Adam made me laugh and Bonnie annoys me a lot and has a creepy father who’s entry doesn’t really make sense, if Matt is ‘running’ the ‘marathons’ then is she just lying there on her fat arse and taking it? That won’t burn the calories daddy!

  37. hahahahahahhahaha iapologizeonfacebook

  38. I am pretty much dying of laughter right now. The post with Hailey was from my facebook wall. I have no idea who posted it to lamebook and I know Hailey didn’t because I just asked her, but props to whoever did! HAHAHA. to clarify for Spicy Boughner, I knew it was a TFLN. I read TFLN all the time. Lori is Hailey’s mom and she’s never heard of TFLN before. I don’t think her mom even picked up on the area code to be honest.

    But wow… hahahaha too funny that someone captured that. I’m proud. LOL

  39. And for Blue Smarties… LOL Hailey is not putting in a little one-on-one time with any good-good’s. She is a firm believer in the third leg.

  40. iapologizeonfacebook, ha

    ‘Her vagina smelled like bad decisions’ sounds like a quote from a bad, 1950s, detective-erotica novel.

  41. My dame, Sasha, long legs and looks that kill, started in on the chit-chat. She was all over me like a cheap suit. Her vagina smelled like bad decisions, but in a detective’s life, it’s just one bad decision after another. I went with it….

  42. …unitl my instincts got the best of me. I needed to check things out first. The bed was hastily made and the sheets were warm. It seemed that Sasha had been making a lot of bad decisions before I arrived. I don’t mind a dame who likes to party, but Sasha’s vagina was starting to…………..

  43. ………steam me up. I was cold and lonely and full of cheap Scotch. The room was dark, like a moonless night in the fall, perfect for another regret. There was a knock at the door. It swung open. I reached for my gat. The silhouette in the doorway was smoking. It was another bird………………

  44. Sarah Connor is always naked when she jumps through time. I don’t see the problem there.

  45. (ingoring badasscooldude)

    ……………..and this one chirps a lot. He was the one that put the finger on Sasha. Said she was trouble. Said she would lead me down a path of close shaves and even closer beatings. I was contemplating all of this and his his untimely arrival………….

  46. ThinkingInPictures

    Not to interrupt your little story here guys, but a “bird” is female teeda… So the newly arrived person silhouetted in the doorway is a chick (or a dude in drag who is good at faking it). You may want to ammend your newest bit there 😉

  47. …I was going to stick with it… a detective novel “bird”, “pigeon” and the like take on all kinds of meanings. However, I did reread and nashmtth said “ANOTHER” bird. Darn.

    ……………..and this one chirps a lot. She was the one that put the finger on Sasha. Said she was trouble. Said Sasha would lead me down a path of close shaves and even closer beatings. I was contemplating all of this and her untimely arrival…and with my heater still out…..

  48. ……The door closed and Sasha went to work, bobbing on my perch like a flycatcher gathering seed. The throat of my gobbler was thrush, and I was spent. This dark haired beauty was a real charm. She put my blaster back in it’s tweed holster. We had to go, and fast. Shorty the snitch would be at Lucky’s Saloon in fifteen minutes, and I didn’t want to be late to the ball, see……….

  49. (Adam made me *giggle* PS. Sorry for interupting this thrilling tale 🙂 )

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