Friday, April 9, 2010

FANtastic Friday

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  1. Lol, women clean and cook, an untapped well of comic genius.

  2. Also Ben.

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    8) <== test drive

  4. haha I love the condom size one

  5. It amazes me how much more acceptable it becomes to pick on a child once he/she becomes famous.

    The Snuggie one cracks me up, even if I am a devout fan of the Snuggie. They are just so comfy….

  6. So in Monopoly, we’re supposed to pick the token that represents what we do? I guess I’m the dog from now on.

  7. poor amy.

  8. well apparently Lissie is not cool.

    and @BritishHobo: Ben for sure!

  9. Yes Amy, really….
    Holy fuck.

  10. The condom one = Pure Win!

  11. I want to know what Ben means!!

  12. @6 Soup
    You run around barking and licking your own butt, too?

    And poor Amy, indeed….

  13. I’m with you Charlie. WTF is Ben?

  14. As much as I think penis size jokes are the gender equivalent of the cook and clean jokes – Justin Beiber is a CHILD. Not funny, not even remotely.

  15. Oh Amy, I hope you’re kidding.

  16. SarcasticVoyage

    Charlie and ohwhataworld, all pleas to know what ‘ben’ is are ignored. I’ve seen way too many unanswered prayers.

  17. you have to pick the boat. i’ve been in fistfights over the boat*

    *warning: this sentence probably is hyperbole.

  18. @Mhn77

    Of course not, that would be silly. I just “do” them. Although, the Scottish Terrier isn’t the best representation as I prefer dachshund puppies. They’re like wiggly little Fleshlights.

  19. what the hell is it with you guys lately? innocent pedophile and justin bieber jokes are scorned, yet the catholics get off easy with “well everybody does it, not just them”.

    Come on guys, step up your game.

  20. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    @gawds – actually, I would have to disagree. It is, in fact, quite funny. Don’t be such a Frodo.

  21. You want to know the true story of Ben? Gather round…
    Once upon a time, a cocky fellow named Ben (who is back now, and considerably less cocky/annoying, and makes good posts instead of yelling at people) bollocked somebody for commenting ‘First’ on a post.

    And so, in tribute, for some reason, we now substitute ‘Ben’ for ‘First’.

    True story.

  22. Also, why are Snuggies so hated in America? Your turn to tell me a boring story.

  23. @BritishHobo: you left out Ben being Frodo.

  24. Randy misspelled “boyfriend”.

  25. #22, #24,

    Also forgot to mention the fact that Ben was himself a firstie-whore.

  26. @BritishHobo: you also left out that after Ben bollocked someone for commenting “First” on a post and being a dick, he then commented “First” on the very next post. And then proceeded to be a superdick by yelling at people trying to defend himself from being called a faggoty retart hypocrite. So in remembrance of his douchiness, people comment “Ben” instead of first. I think Word mentioned it is archived back in January, but I can’t recall. Funny as shit though =)

  27. hmmm i think that’s the same amy who put her resume on bean hollow’s page yesterday.

    the condom sizes weren’t funny until i saw justin beiber. then i lol’d

  28. I watched them drive the Bat Mobile into our mall when I was younger. People who can’t see that the double doors = about 2″ wider then most cars need to be shot.

  29. SarcasticVoyage

    BritishHobo, you are proof there is a God. Hallelujah! I’m gettin’ a beer.

  30. @jamina…..i believe you mean “than”. i realize i’m nitpicking but if you claim others need to be shot, especially for something as trivial as not seeing the bat mobile or knowing that a car can fit through a set of double doors, you should have the appearance of perfection.

    and yeah hobo you forgot that he then firsty’d as soon as he had the opportunity, thereby cementing his name in the annals of history as a synonym for first.

  31. lol

  32. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    He’s probably enjoying all the attention…

  33. Oh aye, shit, that was a pretty important part of the story.

  34. I’m sticking to the belief that Randy is taking the piss.

    And if so, he’s cool, if not, well I’m not going down the Snuggie/Dancing with the stars road as it’s too depressing.

  35. I had to laugh at Randy’s. The other ones, eh, kinda lame.

  36. Ben doesn’t even have a pool

  37. The only reason people hate the Snuggie is because they’re pissed they didn’t invent it first.

    I mean it’s a blanket with holes, so simple yet so genius.

  38. @ bklynmusicnerd: sounds like you are a bit defensive about the Snuggie? Got one do ya?

  39. Nah, Snuggies are definitely backwards robes.

  40. you know someone somewhere is kicking themselves for not having marketed the snuggie when they’ve been wearing their robes backwards for years.

  41. @monkeyboy
    he does too have a pool. the kiddie pool in my neighbor’s back yard was officially named “The Ben Memorial Pool” about a month and a half ago. it’s a plastic turtle shaped one.

  42. Who the fuck is Justin Beiber?

  43. if you haven’t checked out the wtf blanket on youtube, do it. like, now.

    i think it’s worth mentioning that the word ‘ben’ is now synonymous with the words ‘frodo’ and ‘herpes’.

  44. thanks for that hobo et all, I’ve been wondering what ben meant for a ages.

  45. I would atually not mind a snuggie right now because i’m so cold, only I really don’t like looking like a dickhead.

  46. bahaha.
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

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