Friday, February 5, 2010

Fantastic Friday Part 1

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  1. *becomes a fan*

  2. lostintranslation

    @Adrienne: I just want to punch *you* in the face right now.

    Actually, to be honest, I don’t care all that much. And, while I’m generally of the “no uterus, no opinion” mindset when it comes to men making comments about period pains, the ass/lube group made me giggle. I do wonder how Harry would go about faking period pain to get out of PE though…

  3. Really, I don’t know why Lamebook posted this, they suck as f**k.

    @melissa1983: is the past, they became… Why do I bother?!

  4. Come on, never in the ass with no lube! Are you nuts?

  5. i’m sure people join wildly contradictory groups purely to get a mention on here.

  6. What about being kicked in the balls? I have had plenty of girls tell me that it couldn’t possibly be “that bad”.

  7. Weren’t some of these posted already on here?

    Melissa: You use past tense when it’s something you’ve already done. *Became a fan of*

  8. lostintranslation

    @Madrid & blue-eyes: I believe Melissa was providing a narrative, as in “Henry goes to the store”, “Melissa becomes a fan”, etc.

  9. Why is Harry so concerned with periods?

  10. @lostintranslation: my gut feeling is that she was trying to correct FBK’s application.

    If not, sorry Melissa but the post were soo lame that I needed to make fun of someone.

  11. @Jonas, maybe Harry’s trans-gender? Either way, he’s all about the periods!

  12. lostintranslation

    @Madrid: You could be right. It didn’t occur to me that she might be correcting facebook’s grammar, particularly since the latter is entirely correct.

  13. @lostintranslation….Bingo. I wasn’t correcting anything. I am not a fan of ANY of these. I am just making fun of those who become a fan of EVERYTHING on facebook.

  14. Navneet’s 2 groups seem contradictory at first but they actually aren’t at all.

  15. Same old, same old. Disappointing.

  16. repost much?

  17. Gabriella: really? Definitely I will find her around Hoe Foreshore.

  18. @Walter Sobchak: In that order not at all. In the other order though it would’ve been contradicting.

    Spreading Venereal Diseases; sounds like jolly good fun! Especially AIDS…

  19. Seems like there’s a real obvious solution to only realizing how much you missed someone when you see them again.

  20. lostintranslation

    hehe Rory’s one just made this post a little bit more worthwhile!

  21. Harry is a higly sexually deprived man. My heart (only heart & no other body parts that can be abuse)go out to him…
    Jesus and Butt Sex both leads to one thing- Salvation!

  22. I hate to be vicious, but Gabriella deserves the most torturous of deaths.

  23. boring

  24. @Mr TP: We all need Salvation! Butt sex for everyone!

  25. I am noticing a trend today. Alright! Did someone declare friday anal day on lamebook and just never sent me the memo?

  26. sorry yaya, I must have the wrong email address for you!

  27. lmao i almost want to become a fan of ‘spreading venereal diseases’

  28. Lol, who made a page for spreading venereal diseases?

  29. In the ass and no lube should NEVER be used in the same sentence. Ever.

  30. @ SomeRandomChick – I agree! Baaad mental image! 🙁

  31. funny…

  32. Although if you really want to spread AIDS, in the ass and no lube is a nifty way to go about it…

  33. They are pretty lame, people just join random groups.

    However, Mel’s isn’t lame, that’s just called love. They could be a complete bitch but you’re going to miss them even though you hate them.

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