Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some PhoDOHs!

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  1. She’s obviously looking in the wrong places. No dear, he’s not hiding in the fridge. Nope, he’s not in the cookie aisle of your local supermarket. Try again, he’s not under that stuffed crust pizza!

    (i can’t believe i sunk to the level of doing fat jokes… oh well… im probably going to hell anyway)

  2. Looking at the “gud man” picture again… I realised that the angle from which the picture was taken was very high… and if your face is that large with that much of a double (triple?) chin…

    I dunno.

  3. I am going to plymouth to see that sign

  4. HAHAA I live in Plymouth 🙂 I love the Hoe 😀

  5. Shawing! Plymouth made it only Lamebook! =D Gonna have to go see that sign tomorrow. From Wiki- ‘The most famous (but probably apocryphal) anecdote about Drake relates that, prior to the battle, he was playing a game of bowls on Plymouth Hoe. On being warned of the approach of the Spanish armada, Drake is said to have remarked that there was plenty of time to finish the game and still beat the Spaniards.’

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