Friday, February 19, 2010

FANtastic Friday (part 2)

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    Aml probably joined ‘Rapists’ to tell them all they’re a big bunch of fuckheads. Or joined ‘ALL RAPISTS SHOULD BE HUNG’ to troll their page and subtly reveal that he too is a big fuckhead.

  2. Second.

  3. I like the first one, despite the bad grammar.
    I’m gonna use that line in my next argument.
    Strangely poetic.

  4. Anybody who gets tired dragging their big dick around should find a boyfriend who can walk. Ba-dum-ching.

  5. @wordpervert, that great line is from “The West Wing”. But the grammar there made me actually CRINGE.

  6. The second one kinda made me chuckle. The rest are just either, “meh,” or just lame.

  7. Ami probably joined the one about hanging rapists to tell them that the correct term is “hanged”. I hope so anyway.

    And Anna, I also thought they meant their boyfriends when I saw all the girls’ names joining the group about a big dick. 🙂

  8. @Alas – Perhaps it is in reference to enormous dildoes? In which case, possibly a rolling suitcase is in order?

  9. To be fair, rapists do actually have to be hung in order to be successful rapists. It’s like ice hockey: It can’t really be done without the proper equipment. Not sure why you would want to create a Facebook group just to state that fact, though.

  10. “Rapists” is a band. I’m not sure why someone would name a band “Rapists”, but it is what it is

  11. Maybe in that 2 minute timeframe Ami got raped, had an epiphany, learnt to tie a noose and decided that rape isn’t cool after all.

  12. @alproshazam- I like that explanation better

  13. Thirteenth.
    Better than what? Rape itself? Sorry not funny but I couldn’t stop myself… (Fittingly)

  14. Yeah, I think I’m in the camp (if there is one) of folks that think a successful rapist is a hung rapist. Aml or Ami or Amyl, whatever is just expressing his or her desire for there to be more well endowed surprise sexers running around.

  15. If prison taught me anything, it’s that a giant pork sword actually makes things easier. Sure, it hurts at first, but the blood ultimately makes pretty good lube.

  16. Is it just me or does the top one sound like an 8 year old thought it up?

  17. Din, I don’t know if an 8 year old thought it up, but it sure looks like an 8 year old typed it.

  18. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Haha the Osama bin Laden one made me laugh

  19. Oh, shit! AmI!
    I didn’t think Aml was a name…

  20. @soup: That’s wrong, dude. Way wrong. lol

    Wrongness and Ladin ftw.

  21. I think Ami’s a girl. Also, quite a few people on my FB have joined that top one and all of them have shocking grammar or Type Like This All The Time. It stresses me out.

  22. This is what Ami posted in the ALL RAPISTS SHOULD BE HUNG group:
    “All Rapists Should Be Hung?”….. answer… they are

    …not a stalker.

  23. It is definitely Ami, not AmI or Aml or whatever. Look closely; there is a space between the lower part of the i and the dot. And I agree with Boughner; I think she wants them to have large cocks, not get the noose.

  24. Salamiflavoredspider

    I somehow suspect that the grammar for the first one was done on purpose. I talk like that, not because I’m uneducated, because I think its funny.

    I think I’m going to join the second one.

  25. Salamiflavoredspider

    Okay just in case anyone was curious about the second one, here is a quote: ” On a scale of 1 to Osama Bin Ladin how good was my hiding spot?? Invitee your friendsss;] we almost got 200,000 fanss”

    I regret my decision to become a fan. That is just one of the many “awesomeee” wall posts.

  26. I agree with Salamiflavoredspider, I thought it was a pretty good group, until I saw the hideous wall posts.

  27. @17
    Haha, sure does Sensible Madness. I just picture some 8 year old getting accused of cheating, throwing a tantrum and starting that group as revenge.
    If the group name had “smelly head” at the end of the sentence, that’d clinch it!

  28. Soup? I would say I’m socked, but I expect nothing less.

  29. @eenerbl

    Socked? Is that was men in prison use for condoms?

  30. Oops! I meant shocked, but it could go either way I suppose.

    I did hear they do the sock roll in prison, so it kinda works.

  31. What’s a sock roll?

  32. It’s like the towel roll, but with a sock, I think string is involved somehow.

  33. What’s a towel roll?

  34. I think it’s a reference to a link posted maybe this weekend.

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