Monday, September 27, 2010


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  1. Are those horses bangin each other in the “This Game Sucks” one?

  2. The garden of Eden lives on

  3. That made me think of the Simpsons: “And now, please rise for our opening hymn, uh…”In the Garden of Eden,” by I. Ron Butterfly.”

  4. Why, that sounds like rock and/or roll.

  5. In that second picture, that black sheep on the far left looks like it’s watching the show and has one of those WTF looks.

  6. Replace that cow with a man and you have a standard day at the office on any New Zealand farm.

    Love to all my Kiwi friends.

  7. Or is it a goat? I can’t tell. I hate Farmville.

  8. Lol. I’ve never understood the hype with Farmville. I tried it once..which lasted less than five minutes, while some friends are all “omg my crops! I forgot to harvest them”

    I didn’t remember a mating season option on that game though. Huh..
    Look at the two small…baby white baby goat things in #2, not only do they have a WTF look, but also a traumatized/ concerned/ sad looks.

  9. #2 looks hot and the last one is very true

  10. What is better? Playing farmville obsessively or obsessively talking about how stupid it is?

    If you play the game, fine. If you don’t, move on. Don’t play it, block it from your feed, and stop talking about how stupid it is.

  11. Farmville is a total let down; it does not accurately portray how enjoyable it is to plant your seed.

  12. How many times are we going to see #1? It’s not even funny to begin with, much less for the five thousandth time.

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  14. @ Douchetastic I’ve never seen anything like that newspaper photo, though I agree that last one has been overdone

  15. The last post is totally lame.

  16. never seen the newspaper before- that guy should be locked up for being a complete tool.

  17. Last week I read in the UK Metro about a mother who became so obsessed with ‘Small World’ (never heard of it and proud of it) that she neglected her three children and dogs, both which were found rotting in the living room after starving to death. A concerned neighbour called the authorities and her children have been taken into care. Her lawyer said she was a ‘competent mother’ until her husband died of a heart attack. Whatever the truth, it’s a very sad and pathetic situation.

    Ok, why is my twitter avatar showing here and how do I stop it from appearing?

  18. Whenever I go to a real farm I masturbate furiously…

    That is all.

  19. Don’t understand why people make a farmville account and then go on there to make a “THIS GAME SUCKS” field.

  20. Dee-Lite, wasn’t that the story where the Daily Mail absolutely made up the fact that she was playing it on Facebook and all but blamed the death of those kids on the website? Not to sound like a dick, obviously it’s a tragic, awful case, but fuck the Daily Mail for using it in their shitty ‘we hate Facebook’ agenda. Cunts.

  21. @ hobes

    i hate facebook.

    also, dee, if the avatar is even you at all – keep it, it’s cute, and you’re suitably disguised.

  22. The last one would be funny, but why even play Farmville if you think it sucks. Unless you logged on someone else’s account, in which case that’s actually a pretty good prank, judging by how seriously people take this game.

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